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A skirt that can go from errands to elegant is really all your wardrobe needs, right? Made with an elastic waist, in a machine washable fabric, and WITH pockets—this pink quilted shimmery number is a wardrobe must-have. She brings retro vibes when paired with the matching Cropped Car Coat but you can easily make her modern with a silky blouse and a strappy heel. 

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Rosette Peep Toe - Pink Satin
Rosette Peep Toe

Pink Satin

Polly Party Skirt


Polly Party Skirt

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Elastic Waist
Fully Lined

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The functional buttons on the back of our Mod Top make it easy to knot it up in the back (leave the bottom one undone to create a "tail" for tying). This allows you to define your waist which is a perfect look when paired with the elastic waist of the Pink Quilted Party Skirt.


Pairing the Car Coat with the Polly Party Skirt creates a stunning vintage silhouette with volume in just the right places. And the pinks of the quilted fabric are enhanced by the Peep-toe Shoes, Shimmer Plaid Mod Top and Luanne Sunglasses in blush.


One reason we love dresses is for their versatility. Here we have styled one of our favorite Bow Housecoats as a blouse tucked into the Polly Party Skirt. The complementary color hues of eggplant and pink are pulled together by the magenta belt.

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