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Q&A With Bishop & Holland

Q&A With Bishop & Holland


This mother daughter team might be one of the loveliest duos in the business. Not only are we honored to have them as BURU Ambassadors, we are thrilled to feature them as Tastemakers. Believe me—their taste (from travel to interiors to #momstyle) is impeccable! 

Learn more about Jean and Stia of Bishop & Holland below.

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JA: I love seeing my babies now grown up, responsible, nurturing, fun-loving adults and I love spending time with them as friends. 

SC: I love seeing William learn something each day. At this age, it seems like he makes huge progress from day to day. It is so sweet how you can tell he is so proud of himself. I also love those big smiles I get when waking him up in the morning or after naps!


JA: I changed from being more self-centered to putting the needs and love for of my children above all else. 

SC: I used to be pretty Type-A and being a mom has made me completly laid back. It started to show during my pregnancy, but especially now that I am a mom. I don't worry about the little things, we are on a no- schedule schedule and I've learned to just have fun and go with the flow. It's made for a pretty laid back baby, too!


SC: William is about to be 8-months old later this month. He is such a sweet baby and prefers to be on the go always. Will gives out the biggest smiles, likes to play non-stop and meal time is taken very seriously! He makes you work hard for giggles and loves his sleep. 

JA: Stia- 29, married to Caleb and mom to Will

Justin- 31, married to Katherine



SC: My style is more laid back. I still opt for dresses or jeans and a cute top, but I am almost always in flats! 

JA: Since William has come along, I have gotten back to a more casual style. I am so blessed to get to spend a lot of time with him, so I need to be ready to play on the floor with him or head out the door for a stroll! 


Lolli sweater

Smith snap front shirt-charcoal

Libba dress

Bishop stripe sweater

Holland stripe skirt

Mona moto pants

Reed jacket

Heather leopard joggers

Bishop stripe sweater

Sarah dress

Clint tunic

Jillian cashmere sweater-nude

Kory chasmere sweater - navy/nude stripe

Woven plaid shirt

The classic white

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SC: ballet flats, a tote bag for everyday, skinny jeans, a great dress that can be dressed up or down and oversized sunglasses

JA: ballet flats, leather slip-on sneakers, a kitten heel. Dresses! Skinny jeans and pullover sweaters.


 The most important thing for us is family harmony, so we made a pact at the start that family comes first and any potential conflict is always looked at through those lenses. With three busy women it is sometimes a challenge to get together for outfit posts and planning sessions! Absolute favorite parts- working together on something that we all love and also all the amazing opportunities and adventures that we've been blessed with through the blog.  


We both live in Plano, a suburb just north of Dallas. The Shops at Legacy is a favorite destination- we can walk out the door and stroll to dinner or coffee! We also spend a lot of time in Dallas. A few of our go-to restaurants include: Neighborhood Services, Eatzi's (sometimes we are there twice a day!), Mermaid Cafe at Neiman Marcus, and Royal Blue for coffee. 

For family days, Klyde Warren Park is a great place when the weather is nice- food trucks line up, there is a dog park and sometimes live music! The Perot Museum is in the same area and a great place for older kids. Arbor Creek Nature Preserve is in Plano and has miles of trails for strolling. We took Will to the Dallas Aquarium and he loved watching all of the vibrant colored fish! 

Dallas is also known for its shopping. Highland Park Village is one of our favorite outdoor shopping areas and you can find almost any store you want at Northpark Center. Willowbend Mall is close by and has our favorite Neiman Marcus store!



JA: Generous, warm and full of joy and love

SC: To me, motherly means to give unconditional love, to be patient and always put my family first. I am so blessed to have the best mom to learn from! 


JA: enjoying 

SC: devoted 
JA: supportive

SC: disciplined
JA: learning 

SC: loyal
JA: fun-loving 



Bedtime Story:  Guess How Much I Love You 

Lullaby: You are my sunshine 

Vacation Spot: Taking William to meet his great-grandfather in London when he was two months old - and pretty much anywhere we get to go together! He is quite the traveler (we are about to embark on flight number 11) and I absoltely love seeing him take in the sights and sounds of a new city.

Children’s Brands: The Beaufort Bonnet Company, Burberry, Kissy Kissy, KicKee Pants and Zara 



SC: How much my love for William would grow every single day. Everyone tells you that, but it's so hard to imagine until you are a mom yourself!

JA: That I would love my children more than I could ever imagine. 


Everything happens for a reason, even if we can't see it or understand it at the time, it's in God's plan.




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