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Primp As You Pump

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Has pumping got your down in the dumps? I know I had a moment about three months when I just thought, "Ugh... I can't stand this. I feel like a farm animal and it takes up so much time and is uncomfortable as I stand here holding these bottle for up to 20 minutes some times." I remember complaining to my cousin (who has year old twins) and she just gave me this look and said, "Honey. Why on earth are you holding the bottles! You gotta get the hands-free device for pumping! It will change everything- promise." She showed me how she cut out two holes from a sports bra and how the suction cups go on the inside and you screw in the pump attachment on the outside and voila! Pump away with free hands! For steps on how to pump hands-free, go here

Thanks to this genius bit of advice, I've been able to come up with some "me time" activities since it is precious time I actually have for myself. Yes, I admit, most times I just check my Instagram or Gawker.com but there have been those moments when I plan ahead and those 20 minutes have become time for beautification. Some of my ideas are below.


1. DIY avocado face mask. Combine 1/2 avocado, 1/2 cup of cooked oatmeal, 1 tbsp honey. Layer on face and let soak in for 15-20 min. Wash off with a warm towel. Great part about this recipe is that you can use your leftovers from breakfast and also use the other 1/2 of avocado for the baby if he or she are beginning to eat solids.

2. Give yourself an instant manicure with Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Polish Strips. I swear these things are pure magic. You can seriously do all ten nails in a matter of minutes and it looks like you got an intricate polish job. Since the strips are real nail polish, and not just stickers, it will really last two weeks! Especially is you coat them with a clear polish once applied. 

3. Do a deep conditioner hair mask. When I'm taking a shower I never have 15 minutes extra to apply a deep conditioning hair mask and wait for it to soak in. I mean, I barely have time to get a quick shave to the pits let alone a beauty regime. I find pumping the perfect amount of time to let a deep conditioner soak in and re-infuse my hair with luster and shine. Neutrogena Triple Moisture hair mask is a drugstore super find that works great and won't cost you much. 

4. Pluck your eyebrows! This is a great time to do those little things that seem to have disappeared from your beauty regime. Remember when you used to bleach the fuzz on your upper lip? Or apply a Biore pore strip? This a good time for that skin and face maintenance. 

5. Do a quick and easy eye mask by grabbing a potato and slicing it up and putting a slice over each eye. This is one of the best DIY remedies to reduce eye bags and dark circles (from all those nightly feedings). Potatoes have natural astringent properties that can actually de-puff swollen skin tissue and water retention around the eyes. 

I encourage you fabulous mamas to take care of yourselves when you can. I find that even 15-20 minutes of "me" time can make a world of difference in my daily life. So go ahead and pump yourselves beautiful!  



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