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Five Minute Morning Makeup

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Don’t get me wrong, I love my daughter, LOVE her. I adore her to pieces and am obsessed with her little grunts, the myriad of blood vessels in her transparent ears, the rolls forming on her chubby thighs... but she takes up A LOT of my time! From the moment she wakes until she closes those bright eyes at night, she demands my full attention, which I happily give, and the day seems to be one big blur of cuddles, kisses, feedings, and, now, giggles. Some days I remember what it was like to actually put on a full face of makeup, blow dry my hair into a stylish coif, and wear clothes freshly ironed with some sense of style. Now that my daughter is 5 months old, I’ve been hearing this little whisper of my former self growing stronger and stronger saying, “Hey... remember me? Hey... you should go back to Yoga. Hey... put some concealer on those eye bags. Hey... just because you are a mom now doesn’t mean you forget who you are and let yourself go... Come on woman! Get it together!” 

So lovely mommies, I’ve put together a morning makeup regime for a fresh flawless look with minimal time and effort. All it takes is 5 extra minutes in the morning and you can hold your head up with pride the rest of the day knowing you look like you spent 30 minutes primping. You’ll have all the other moms wondering how you do it!

Morning Makeup Makeover Steps


15 seconds: Apply a sunscreen/moisturizer combo. I love (1) Kiehl’s Super Fluid SPF 50.

30 seconds. Next buff in a foundation powder with a firm kabuki brush. Try (2) Bare Minerals in Matte or MAC Studio Fix compact foundation.

30 seconds. Grab your bronzer and, using the same brush, contour under cheekbones, around temples, and under jaw bone. Try (3) Nars Laguna/Orgasm Bronzer/Blush Duo.

15 seconds. Apply blush with same brush to apples of your cheeks. Orgasm by Nars is a perfect fresh color for most skin tones. 

1 minute: Line top lashes with a smudge-proof, long lasting eyeliner in cocoa brown, or soft black. Stila makes a great one called (4) Smudgestick Waterproof Eye Liner. 

1 minute: MASCARA! It’s the most important makeup step in my opinion. Fluff those lashes top and bottom using (5) Yves St. Laurent new BabyDoll mascara in black. It is my new favorite for easy application and dramatic results.

30 seconds: Fill your pout with a delicious shade of moisturizing gloss without too much shine or stickiness. Korres makes a line of sumptuous lip butters with delectable colors. Try (6) Quince for the perfect shade of pink.  

There you go! Take a quick 15 more seconds to pack up your goods and admire how great you look with such minimum effort and time. 


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