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Real MOM Monday: An Open Letter to Waiters

Real MOM Monday: An Open Letter to Waiters

Dear Waiters (specifically those of you under 30),

I am reminded every day by my reflection in the mirror (as I apply my insanely expensive eye serum hoping to turn back time) that I am now it my mid-thirties.  I fully understand that I am officially 14 years above the legal drinking age.  I am aware that in the presence of my almost 3-year old, I appear far more stressed than the average 21-year old therefore making me seem even older than my God given age.

I do not expect you to card me in the company of my 44-year old husband (youthful as he may be).  But in the name of equality, would it have been so hard for you to throw me a "courtesy-card" at the same time you carded the 25-year old I brunched with this past weekend!?  I was wearing over sized sunnies for goodness sake!  You couldn't even see my crow's feet.

I suppose my one saving grace was that I had time to pretend I was reaching for Olive's crayons and NOT my wallet (containing my old lady ID) while you carded my friend.  The non-card was embarrassing enough.  Imagine if I had pulled it out and you were forced to verbally tell me there was no need.  Holy mama moly.

In that moment, I learned something very important, Mr. Waiter.  I learned that my self worth is not determined by your twenty something self.  You are actually just an innocent bystander in the battle of losing my youth.  My self worth lies within me.  I am the one guilty of letting you set me into an over-the-hill tailspin which is actually the most embarrassing part of this story.  Why should a number determine how I feel about myself?  Why should I cling to youth when I am so grateful for the life I am living in this very moment?

I would like to ask something of you, Mr. Waiter.  The next time you slip-up with your age discrimination carding policies (sarcasm intended) please consider sharing these words with your female patrons:

"Every beautiful line on your face was created from laughs with your loved ones or worries for your loved ones.  They are signs of a life fulfilled.  They are signs of survival and success.  They are signs of wisdom and experience.  They are signs of grace."

You may want to prepare for a giant slap across the face after calling out the lines all over her face, but know deep within your heart, you are helping her come to terms with the realities of aging.


Just card her.

Yes.  Definitely the later. 


With all my wrinkled sincerity,




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