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Q & A with stylist Erica Hanks

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I love it all, the good and the bad! I think the best moments to me are the ones in the evening before bed, when my children are talkative about their day, and they chat about anything and everything. 
I am an only child who never had a care in the world and moved as I pleased. Having a family made me take the focus off of me, and truly think of others first. I'm definitely more of a grounded person from motherhood.

I breast-fed all of my children, so I was always looking for tops that had hidden flaps, or easy side vents, even button downs. I would layer nursing tanks with card wraps and blazers. Anything flowy was a good choice for me! I wore a lot of dark colors in case of leaks from thebabies or myself. Gross but true.
My personal style has changed in the last 6 years after my last child was born. It's nice to be in more structured pieces, which is more my aesthetic. My #momstyle now is more menswear inspired with a hint of femininity, since I work with male and female clients.
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In high school and college I worked at various stores in the mall and ended up doing visual and sales for Belk and loved it. My parents only wanted me to be a doctor, lawyer or nurse. After realizing I'm too social for nursing in college, I switched to elementary education and taught for 5 years to try to keep the parents happy.  It wasn't until having children that I decided to make my passion for the fashion industry an actual business.  I went from fashion writing to editorial styling, and was then signed by an agency to do commercial styling work.  Then, 2 years ago, I added personal styling under my umbrella.  I now navigate between those 3 genres almost weekly.  It never gets old or boring...let me tell ya!

We are all out the door by 7:30am every day for school drop off, then I get into my office around 8:30 to catch up on emails and invoices. I also have two assistants who come in shortly after, and we talk about what needs to be done and what everyone is working on. Once the stores open at 10am that's when I'm off and running, whether it be pulling for a personal client, a shoot or a corporate job. Most days I can get everything checked off before getting back in to school carpool by 3pm. It's a mad dash that I have grown to be a master of. My family comes first so I make it a priority to keep most of my work around their school schedule.


There really is no balance. Which is why I have two great assistants! At least for me, my family comes before my business. I've turned down high paying jobs to make sure I was at school programs and family functions, and I wouldn't change that.  I'm at the point in my career where I have great clients who understand that and am absolutely blessed to have some jobs change things around to accommodate my schedule. And I have a great husband who will help out when a job goes long or if I'm on a shoot.


  mother: involved
stylist: knowledgeable
wife: fun
business owner: tough
friend: loyal



Bedtime Story: The Hug Machine by Scott Campbell

Lullaby: Rock a Bye baby 

Vacation Spot: Disney

Restaurant: anywhere with broccoli

Children's Brand: Mini Boden


That I would never get 8 hours of sleep back. Ever. 

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