Lately, I have felt extremely convicted to share a little more of my reality.  Between the selfies, re-touched lookbooks, and fashion week posts - I fear that my everyday truths are lost.  The kind of realities that most of us don't talk about.  The kind that knock you off your heels.  The kind, that in my opinion, should be shared, so that we can help and support one another through this journey of motherhood and womanhood.

One of my favorite life mottos is, "go big or go home".  With that in mind, I decided to start my "Real MOM Mondays" with a douzy.  So here it is: I have bipolar disorder.  I will most likely have it forever and learning to manage it has (and continues to be) one of the greatest challenges of my life.  I can't say that it affects everyday of my life in a grand way, but it is a constant presence in one way or another.

To me, this illness is a prankster.  Perhaps, I could go bolder and call it a liar.  It takes my mind and spirit to a place that doesn't match my realities.  A manic phase tells me I am invincible - a life without consequence.  It gives me an unnatural ability to function on tiny amounts of sleep. A depressed phase tells me life is hopeless.  It strips me of my energy.  To be frank, it's a total joy suck. 

Before becoming a mother, being bipolar was scary.  Now as a mommy to sweet Olive Bee, it is completely terrifying.   Will I break down in front of her?  Will I scare her?  Will I be strong enough to tell her in a way that doesn't frighten her when the time comes?  Will she think I am a failure?  But perhaps my scariest thought is: will she have it too?

My bipolar journey has been very intense at times.  Luckily, I have the most incredible support system.  My husband (who fell in love with me during one of the craziest episodes of my life), my mother (who lovingly checks in without being overbearing - though I can only imagine how overwhelming it must be on that side of this), my father (who shows great compassion and understanding), my stepfather (who loves me as his own), my stepmother (who consistently shows that she would do anything she can to help us) and my fabulous friends (who love me just as I am).  Bridgette Jones and Mr. Darcy are not lost on me here.

I can't promise that every "Real MOM Monday" will be this bold, but I will do my best to speak honestly and frankly.  In other words, I will be real as real as real can be (the opposite of my hair color in girl terms). 

Becoming a mom has been one of the greatest joys of my life.  It has also heightened my fears and my shortcomings.  As mothers, we rise to the occasion though, right?  We put them first.  We love bigger than we thought possible.  We give more than we have.  And, we stretch ourselves to a level that is sometimes unhealthy.  I suppose my purpose of this post (and perhaps this series) is to remind you to take care of yourself.  We hear it all the time, but do we actually listen?  Everyday I try to remember that the healthier I am, the better mother and wife I can be.  That might mean I need to take care of myself a little more than I would like to - but in the end, it is most likely better for my family. 

What are you not taking care of?  Stop it.  Do it.  Love yourself.  Your daughters will appreciate it.  Your sons will be proud.





  • Abigail

    What a brave post from a truly amazing woman! I am so glad I have gotten to know you and to photograph you and your amazing family over the years. Sometimes as mothers we feel so alone and that we have to hide our imperfections, so others don’t think we are inadequate parents. But no one can be supermom all the time ~thanks for showing this honest part of you, who rates pretty darn close.

    Abigail on

  • Auburn Daily

    Your honesty is both refreshing and appreciated. You are so right—when creating a public or web-based persona, it’s so easy (and natural) to show the best moments—the most fabulous outfits, the incredible trips, the drool-worthy food, etc. And that’s certainly a big driver in viewership. But as you note, it can be hard to relate to for many of us. And it can foster the belief that some people “have it all” or live seemingly perfect lives. No one does. Everyone struggles. Thank you for giving us a glimpse in to yours. I can only imagine how difficult it must be, but kudos to you for fighting the good fight and doing it with grace and eloquence.
    From one mama to another,

    Auburn Daily on

  • Erika

    Good job, Morgan! You’re right, we DO love you just the way you are! #barbieparts ❤️❤️❤️

    Erika on

  • KatieT

    Now, this!! This is awesome! Uplifting! Comforting! Inspiring! I’m so honored to read it! Thank you! Keep up the good work! Love the blog- Love the clothes- Love your story and Love you!

    KatieT on

  • Cat

    Wonderful post Morgan! You are so courageous (and beautiful – inside and out)! The older I get – the more I fully appreciate people just being REAL. Most people are just surviving so there is no need for any of us to pretend we are perfect…no such thing. Love you for sharing!

    Cat on

  • Shana

    Miss Olive Bee will be real proud of her mama one day for sharing and helping others battling the same illness. Kudos to you Morgan! xoxo

    Shana on

  • Kimberly F.

    Thank you for sharing this. This is real & beautiful and I feel compelled to share… I, too, have bipolar disorder. Diagnosed young, hospitalized, on (& mostly off) meds throughout college & then… life gives you someone worth trying for… our little angels. Thank you Thank you for sharing.


    Kimberly F. on

  • Kate

    You are incredible for sharing. We are all fighting something and you are brave for sharing your story to hopefully help others to be strong like you. :)

    Kate on

  • Lizzie

    I love you Morg!! The Lord will no doubt use you and your bold honesty to encourage others! So proud of you!

    Lizzie on

  • jackie

    proud of you for sharing this – you are a beautiful woman inside & out.

    jackie on

  • Lindsey McLain

    Morgan- this is beautiful, so transparent my friend!!! All of Gods children have problems and the best way we can be there for each other is to be “real” and take the false away- takes boldness, no doubt, I admire you for going there on stage!! l looking forward to your other Monday blogs girl:-)


    Lindsey McLain on

  • Angie K

    Morgan, you are so brave to put this out there and I am sure helping other women talk about their “real-life” challenges. You are a great Momma and Olive Bee is just precious. Much love.

    Angie K on

  • J


    J on

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