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Back to School Snacks for Kids

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Photo courtesy of Today Show online.

It's time to send the kiddies back to school! So what do you pack in their lunch that's yummy but good for their tummies? Breathe a sigh of relief because you've triumphed the challenge, my friend. Below are a few healthy fun snacks that will make your child's lunch the envy of everyone on the playground!

In all honesty, I decided to make this post because a previous online article I just read about nutritiously fun snacks for kids featured a lot of the items I use. (And was missing a few that I use.) So I thought I'd share my picks with you! 

My picks are below, but you can read what Today Show online said HERE.

Annie's Organic Cheddar Bunnies


Image courtesy of Annie's.

These little cheddar bunnies taste just like Goldfish crackers to me, but are baked with organic cheddar cheese  and organic wheat flour! They're perfect for little toddler hands because of their small size. Plus, they're are absolutely no artificial flavors, food coloring dyes and all ingredients are non-GMO ingredients. Find them in your local grocery store or shop HERE.

Plum Organics Greek Yogurt Blends


Image courtesy of Plum Organics.

Plum Organics Greek Yogurts come in a variety of flavors including strawberry, pomegranate, blackberry, kiwi and blueberry. However, each includes at least one vegetable and one healthy grain. If you're counting, that makes four food groups. For instance, the strawberry one contains strawberries (fruit), greek yogurt (dairy), kale (vegetable) and amaranth (grains). Plus, they're in on-the-go disposable containers! Check them out HERE.

18 Rabbits


Image courtesy of 18 Rabbits.

18 Rabbits makes full size bars for adults and the perfect kid size bar for little ones called "junior" bars! Completely organic, they offer a delicious variety of kid bars such as mango strawberry, cranberry apricot, chocolate banana and chocolate cherry. Most bars contain chia seeds, which are good for the digestive system, and all contain sunflower seeds. We love the mango strawberry one! See all the bars HERE.

Dave's Killer Bread


Image courtesy of The Bread

When it's time to make a sandwich, this is the bread to use! It's completely organic and made with whole grains. There are 13 different flavors, but my personal favorite is "Blue's Bread" because not only does it taste amazing, but it's rolled in organic blue cornmeal which gives it a sweeter flavor along with a crunchy crust. The "Good Seed" and "21 Whole Grains and Seeds" flavors are delicious too! Check out all the flavors for yourself HERE.

Fruits and Veggies


Image courtesy of Fresh

Nothing beats fruits and veggies when it comes to eating right. For a mid afternoon snack, I cut up an organic gala apple and serve it with organic cheddar cheese. It makes a great filling snack for both mommy and kiddo! We also really enjoy fresh organic baby carrots, cucumber slices and broccoli dipped in organic humus. Shop your local grocery store for organic produce, cheese and humus. 

Happy snacking!

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