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Hydrate with These Flavorful Drinks

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Infused water image courtesy of Manik Mag.com.

Being pregnant doesn't mean you have to stay inside and miss out on these beautiful summer days! However, it is important for mamas-to-be to drink extra fluid in the warm summer months to avoid dehydration in the heat.

Fluids, especially water, are crucial for pregnant and nursing moms. Water is important because it facilitates the absorption of essential nutrients into the cells and transports vitamins, minerals and hormones to the blood cells. It is these nutrient-rich blood cells that ultimately reach your baby en utero.

Don't let your fun in the sun be cut short by overheating! Try one of these easy drink solutions to stay healthy and hydrated.

  • Infused Spa Water: Add fresh summer produce slices like lemon, lime, cucumber or berries and fresh herbs such as mint or basil to a pitcher of cold water.
  • Iced Green Tea: Choose a decaffeinated green tea if you plan to sip on it throughout the day.
  • Fruit Spritzer: Add an ounce of your favorite 100% fruit juice to 8 ounces of club soda or sparkling water.
  • Fruit Juice Cubes: Freeze 100% fruit juice in ice cube trays and float them in a glass of water.

Holley Grainger, MS, RD is a registered dietitian and nationally recognized lifestyle and nutrition expert. She has instructed millions of home cooks on how to make simple, healthy, family-friendly meals through her online videos and media appearances. She is the mom of 3-year old, Ellie, and 6-month old, Frances. Follow her blog for practical, doable nutrition advice as well as real food tips for real families. You can also read more about Holley in our BURU Interview.


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