It's not only gorgeous and summertime fun, but Rebecca Minkoff's Dev Dress is actually essential for a mom's closet! No matter what stage of motherhood you're currently enjoying, this dress can be worn through them all– which is why it's featured in our Before, During & After Collection!

We LOVE the forgiving fit through the waist and tummy area. It's spacious enough for comfort when you're bump-less and when you are pregnant, it allows for a little bump action! (Up to seven months for non-twin mamas.) 

If you'd like to cinch the waist, we recommend a black belt to keep a clean silhouette. However, if you want to be a bit more daring, we suggest pulling from one of the colors within the pattern, like red, orange or yellow, and adding accessories in one of those.

Aside from the waistline, we also love how it can be worn two different ways on the shoulders. If you're still nursing and not quite ready for a strapless bra, wear the sleeves on your shoulders. If you're ready for a strapless and to show off your shoulders (which almost never gain weight), wear the sleeves off. Plus, the elastic in the neckline ruffle allows quick and easy access for nursing mamas and is super comfy!

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