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Pick of the Week: Jiffy Steamer

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This week's pick of the week goes to the ultimate mommy closet staple: The Steamer. 

The Jiffy Steamer J-4000 is the best thing in the world to help your clothes look their very best all the time. This steamer is less harsh on fabrics than irons and it only takes 15 minutes to heat up– which is quite fast for steamers. It's also the best thing to use one clothes you've just hand washed. 

This model is the one I own and love because it's a commercial-grade steamer that makes clothes look brand new or just like they've come fresh from the dry cleaners. Not to mention the fact that it not only saves time, but money too, as you'll be spending less at the dry cleaners because you can hand wash and steam dry your clothes right at home!

The other big plus for me is that it has four wheels. You can roll it anywhere and everywhere which makes it super accessible whether you store it in your laundry room or closet.

To all the BURU moms out there who value style at every stage of motherhood, this is one thing your closet's been missing.

Check out the model I own HERE and see all Jiffy Steamers HERE



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