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Red, White and Blue Activities

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We're all excited for the evening fireworks on Independence Day, but what to do during the day? Swim? Check out fun crafty ideas below to spice up your 4th of July!

Image and idea courtesy of PrincessPinkyGirl.com.

Decorate your lawn with white stars to celebrate the 4th of July! All you'll need is a poster board, a pencil, a pair of scissors, a clear plastic bag and a bag of white flour. 

How to Make:

  1. Have you or your child draw a big star on the poster board.
  2. Then cut out the star with the scissors. (You should probably do this unless your child is old enough to safely use scissors.)
  3. Fill up a clear plastic Ziploc bag with white flour.
  4. Then take your big poster board stencil and bag of flour and go out to the backyard.
  5. Lay the poster board flat on the grass and fill it with flour.
  6. Then lift up and you'll have a flour star! 
  7. Repeat steps five and six in any pattern you and your child(ren) would like.

Image courtesy of Random Thoughts of a SUPERMOM blog.

Make tin can windsocks to hang outside to celebrate America's birthday! All you'll need are tins cans (you can use soup or old formula cans), blue spray paint, white paper, a pencil, star stencils (optional), a roll of paper towels, glue, red ribbon, white ribbon, a screwer driver, a hammer and twine.

How to Make:

For the original instructions, click HERE.

  1. Strip any and all paper off the tin cans.
  2. Make sure the cans are clean by using a little water and paper towels to wipe them down.
  3. Give each can a quick coat of blue spray paint. (You should probably do this unless you monitor your kids spraying the cans.)
  4. While the cans are drying, draw or trace stars on white paper and cut them out.
  5. Once the cans are dry, place them on a paper plate (so that paint doesn't get on the table) and use the glue to paste the white stars on the can.
  6. While the child pastes the stars, cut the red and white ribbon, about 15 inches long.
  7. Use the glue (or tape or a glue gun) for you or your child(ren) to paste the ribbon on the inside of the cans.
  8. After the glue has dried, take a screw driver and a hammer to puncture two holes at the top of the can.
  9. Then cut the twine, string it through the punctured holes and tie at the top to hang the windsocks.
  10. Now, you and your kids can find places to hang them in the house or outside!

Image courtesy of Buggy and Buddy website. 

Sparklers aren't exactly the safest things for little ones to play with, but patriotic wands are! You'll need various patriotic ribbons in red, white and blue, a wooden dowel, scissors and a screw eye (use a 1 and 1/8 inch).

How to Make:

See the original instructions HERE.

  1. Screw the screw eye into the top of the dowel. (You should do this step unless your child is old enough.)
  2. Cut the ribbon any length you want. 
  3. One at a time, thread the ribbon through the loop and double knot it. (Show your child how to tie a knot and have them hold the dowel between his/her knee.)
  4. Continue to tie as many ribbons as you'd like.
  5. Feel free to add some star garlands to add extra sparkle!
  6. Then enjoy!

Image courtesy of The Pleasantest Thing.

Have a slimy fun time with 4th of July slime! You'll need one large bowl, a large spoon, red food coloring, blue food coloring, a four ounce container of Elmer's white glue (one bottle per color of slime), four tablespoons of liquid starch per color of slime and glitter (one tablespoon for each color). For the glitter, you can get silver and put it in each color or purchase red, white and blue glitter.

How to Make:

For original instructions, click HERE.

  1. WITH THE CAP ON, shake the liquid starch.
  2. Then use a large spoon to mix the glue, the liquid starch, the food coloring, and glitter (optional).
  3. It will be very stringy at first, just keep stirring. Eventually, use your hands to finish mixing. It'll take about 5 minutes of mixing to get it to come together. You'll know it's ready when it comes together as one piece and it's no longer stringy or sticky.
  4. Now, play!

Image courtesy of www.sassydealz.com.

Super excited for the fireworks? Make your own firecracker creations easily with black paper, chalk and water! You'll also need a small bowl.

How to Make:

See the original instructions HERE.

  1. Fill a small bowl (or cup or mug) with water.
  2. Dip the chalk in the water and begin to draw on the black paper.
  3. Have fun creating!

Image courtesy of Pinterest. 

Make patriotic tank tops and t-shirts to wear when you watch the fireworks that night! All you need is a basic white tank (try Wal-Mart or Target or a local craft store), wide paint brushes, paper plates, paper towels, and child safe paint in red and blue.

How to Make

  1. Put paint on paper plates.
  2. Have your child place his or her hand in the blue paint then press it down in the top left corner of the shirt.
  3. Wash your child's hand with water and wipe with a paper towel (so that paint doesn't get everywhere).
  4. Use paint brushes to paint red stripes on the white tank top.
  5. Wash the brushes and clean up while the shirts dry. (Lay flat or hang to dry.)
  6. That night, wear the shirts and enjoy the fireworks! (Also take a picture to save the memory.)
Happy Independence Day! 





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