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Q&A with Tastemaker Courtney Klein

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Courtney Klein, a soon-to-be mother, is the designer and owner of Storq, a maternity line that provides soon-to-be mamas with all the wardrobe essentials during pregnancy. Klein has a bag round in digital design and lived in New York until 2013 when she headed to the West Coast and made San Francisco her home. She also launched Storq last year and aims to provide maternity clothes and beauty products that are "equal parts practical, accessible and stylish." Needless to say, but we will anyway– we love it! Find out more about Klein and Storq in her Q&A below.

BR: What excites you most about becoming a mother?

CK: I'm just excited to meet this little human. 

BR: What is the number one way in which pregnancy has changed your style?

CK: I had to say goodbye to some of my favorite wardrobe staples like big tent-y dresses and high-waisted denim. I can't wait to pull my favorite vintage Levi jeans back out.

BR: Do you plan to breast-feed your little one? If so, have you thought about how this might affect your wardrobe?

CK: The plan right now is to breast-feed, but we'll see how it pans out. I've been browsing for the perfect button downs and v-necks in preparation.

BR: You are coming into the home stretch of your pregnancy, how have you styled your bump? How has Storq made it easier for you?

CK: I'm in favor of classic styles, minimal silhouettes and super soft fabrics. Storq mixes effortlessly with my existing wardrobe and has made it easy for me to get throughout these last seven months without compromising my identity and style.

BR: Between owning and designing your maternity line, Storq, do you find any time for yourself? How have you relaxed during your pregnancy?

CK: The last couple months have definitely been whirlwind! I try to stop by Jane Austin's pre-natal class at Yoga Tree at least once a week for a little zen. The woman has an almost cultish following of preggos here in San Francisco, but it's absolutely well-deserved. 

BR: We love the concept of Storq, "Easy essentials for a stylish pregnancy packaged in a bundle." What inspired the bundle approach? What is your favorite piece in the collection?

CK: The idea behind the bundles was to take the stress out of feeling and looking great during pregnancy. It's your daily essentials in one click.

I love the dress. It can be worn with all kinds of lightweight layers like a denim jacket, trench or blazer to create an almost endless variety of looks. I also can't get enough of RGB Dove Polish. 

BR: Have you given up any fashion items in the name of mommy-to-be? If so, what? What is the one fashion item you will never sacrifice, even if it's totally impractical as a mama?

CK: I'll never sacrifice a good shoe. Never. 

BR: Finally, what is the one thing you are most anxious about becoming a mother?

CK: I have a hard time wrapping my head around just what's coming. I honestly have no idea what to expect!

Thank you so much, Courtney Klein!

Shop her Tastemaker Sale HERE.

Check out Storq HERE


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