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12 Days of Quarantine: Day Three

12 Days of Quarantine: Day Three


Okay, Mamas! It's day three! Isn't that supposed to be a lucky number? Third time is a charm? Something like that. 

Welcome to day three!

A Lesson for the Kids:

It's starting to look like spring break plans are a no-go. Since travel is questionable for the next few weeks, how about a fun geography lesson for today? This is a game I remember playing as a kid with my own mom, so I thought, why not share it? 

What you'll need: 

  • Map or globe
  • Computer

How to play:  Have the kiddos close their eyes and randomly point to a spot on the map or globe. If they're pointing at the ocean, which will probably happen, let them try again! When they make landfall (HA!) have them research that specific place. This is a great way to learn about new cultures, rich histories, and even weather patterns if you're into that. The older the kid, the deeper you can dive. Have them create a presentation on PowerPoint or even a poster board, and let them present what they learned to the whole family. 

Take it further: Find a dish local to the area and make that for dinner! (If you have the ingredients on standby, that is.) 

Looks for Mom:

All looks featured in our 12 days of quarantine will be marked down up to 50% off regular price for 48 hours. Click any link or image to shop!

Trousers may not be typical quarantine attire, but at this point, there are no rules. Rock those green pants, Mama! 

Are your kids stealing all your snacks? Probably! That's why you need a comfortable sweatshirt with pockets. Hide them away and sneak them when the littles are distracted. Giant pixie sticks: optional. 

By day 3, the kids are bouncing off the walls. Let them get some energy out! Pop on these jungle sneakers and let the wild animals free in the backyard for an hour. 

Feels like a nightgown. Check. Cozy? Check. Super soft fabric? Check! Need I say more? 

Feel the need to recreate Dancing in the Rain? We're prepared for that. 

Channel your inner queen of the jungle with this must-have belt. It's proven to make homeschooling more bearable. I think. I don't really know. I just made that up. 

Okay, so you snagged the belt, but did you know we also have earrings, too? I guess you need both! 

You've been a teacher for three days now. Probably more. Now's the time to dress like one! Who cares if your school happens at the dining room table. A power blazer is just what the doctor ordered! 

Venturing outside for more Lysol? Costco trip for toilet paper? Good luck with that. You may not find what you need, but you'll at least look good doing it in this soft yellow coat. 

Every mom deserves to feel "glam" even from quarantine.

If there ever was a reason to wear a dress that feels like a sweatshirt, it's the fact that you've been cooped up in the house for who knows how long. 

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