This Saturday Brett and I are attending our first local black tie event since moving to Salt Lake City—The Make-a-Wish Foundation Gala. I am thrilled to have a night out and an excuse to get overdressed for an amazing cause.

With the move, the renovation, and well...the lack of knowing anyone in our new city, it has been a while since formalwear called my name. Now it has come a callin', and I am not quite sure what to wear. HELP please!

I have 3 looks below and I would love input on my decision.  Any favorites, mamas?

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  • Catherine

    My fave is the second one! They are all FABULOUS but the second one screams “make a wish”

    Catherine on

  • Alyssa

    Look 1 for sure

    Alyssa on

  • Ashley Link

    Love, love, love #2!

    Ashley Link on

  • Lauren

    You’d look amazing in any of them, but look 2!!!!!!!!!! ?

    Lauren on

  • Lanette

    Morgan, u will look gorgeous in any of them BUT i LOVE #2 A LOT!!!!! Love ya & hope y’all r loving Salt Lake City. ?Lanette

    Lanette on

  • Keisha

    Look #2!!! But look #3 is a close second! Have fun!

    Keisha on

  • Katie T

    Look 2 – love the delicate sheerness of that skirt— and that top— ?

    Look 1 – love the over all outfit!!! Formal fun!

    No! Now I keep going back to look 2—- that skirt!!!

    Post what you pick!!! #livingvicariously

    Katie T on

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