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Tori Mellott, Senior Design & Markets Editor for Traditional Home

Tori Mellott, Senior Design & Markets Editor for Traditional Home

In the spirit of celebrating mamas this week,

we chatted with 3 incredible women making waves!


Our next Pretty in Pink {Label} mama is the stunning (and hilarious) Tori Mellott, senior editor at Traditional Home. This hustling mama of twin girls, amazes us with her impeccable taste, her quick wit, and her ability to balance it all as a single mama living in NYC. She's basically a unicorn.


Learn more about this BURU Beauty below.




Mom to: Identical twin 6 year old girls, Franny & Lucy | Hometown: Aliquippa, PA


BURU's 3 word slogan is: Mom. Life. Styled.

In 3 words for each below, please share with us:



How you Mother…

Unconditionally. Lovingly. Respectfully. 


The essence of your day to day or the lifestyle
that you and your family commit to.

Kindness.  Honesty.  Positivity.



What describes/defines your "look"?

One part preppy. One part girlie. One part messy. And all of it MUST be easy!



Biggest Accomplishment

It’s a tie between quitting smoking and just keeping the wheels on the bus on a day-to-day basis.  My biggest parenting accomplishment is watching my daughters treat others with kindness and respect.


Biggest Missed Opportunity

So many! Youth really is wasted on the youth. One that immediately comes to mind is not following through with piano lessons when I was a child.  I desperately wish I could play the piano now and I squandered the opportunity and quit after three years.  My older sister continued with her lessons and still plays beautifully.


Real Mother's Day Plans

My very dear friend, Sarah Boyd, took the lead on this and decided we deserved massages this Mother’s Day.  So, on Sunday, I will be lying face-down on a massage table and loving every minute of it!




Dream Mother's Day Plans

The Mother’s Day of my dreams would be with my girls at Hotel Esencia in Mexico, at the pool (my daughters live for pool-time), in the blazing hot sun, soaking up the vitamin D, with tropical drink in hand. Pass the Hawaiian Tropic!


Best piece of advice you would give your younger self

I used to be incredibly self-conscious and very insecure. When I moved to NYC I had a really hard time leaving the apartment for the first few years – it was crippling, and I missed out on so much – I thought everyone was staring at me and making fun of me. I thought I didn’t measure up to all the fanciness of the big city and was so ashamed of myself.   How utterly ridiculous!  No one was even paying attention to me. I think I would have told my younger self to get over my insecurities and go out and live life like no one is watching…because they aren’t!


Best piece of advice you will give your girls

Do not wait for a man, or anyone, to save you. Be completely self-reliant and independent.  I made that mistake and it has been my albatross. I thought I would get married to a wall street banker (I actually did, but it didn’t work out) and be taken care of forever.  Life is full of twists and turns, and one needs to be prepared and ready for anything. And keep moving forward!  Don’t dwell on the past or mistakes just resolve to do better.  And finally, one of the best pieces of advice that I’ve ever come across, that I remind myself of daily, is “The only way out is in.” - Junot Diaz.   I guess that’s three pieces of advice… 


Best piece of advice your mother gave you







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