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Q&A with Morgan Smith of Minnow

Q&A with Morgan Smith of Minnow


Founder of Minnow Swim, Morgan Smith, lives in Southern California with her husband, little boy and baby girl.


She grew up by the ocean in Laguna Beach, but always felt a pull to the big city—a constant love struggle between each coast. After studying journalism in college, she made the move to New York to start her career at Elle Magazine. From there, Morgan went on to work for Kate Spade, TT Collection, Guess? Inc. and Bugaboo. After having her first baby, she began consulting for Bugaboo, Freshly Picked, Storq and other premium brands to allow herself a more flexible work scenario as a new mother.


Last spring, she launched her own children's swim label - minnow.


We can't get enough of her darling swim line or her contagious personality! Read our exclusive Q&A with Morgan below + shop her curated #momstyle 20% off this week only with code: MINNOW



How the smallest, simplest moments can be the most profound. Like a walk on the beach, or a cuddle when they’re sick, or the first time they see something new. With children, the simplest things become magic.



Definitely a lot of humility came when transforming into a parent. One of the things I love about motherhood – no matter your background, previous jobs, income level, whatever it may be -- it all goes out the window, being a mother connects you all together. I remember pumping on the ground in an airport bathroom on my first work trip away from my baby. I remember feeling a little nervous and bashful (like am I suppose to be doing this?), and I can’t tell you how many women gave me an “I’ve been there’ smile as they passed by me. And I even got a “you go girl” and I love that. People that would have never engaged or drawn near with me, unless under the circumstance of motherhood. We all know it’s hard and messy and also the most amazing thing we will ever do.


Theo – 2.5 years old / Confident, very talkative, social and assertive. He is my adventure buddy, always up for anything.

Georgia – 4 months / She loves to be held, paid attention to, and loved on. Any who can blame a girl?


Yes, I did with Theo and now currently nursing Georgia. I remember after Theo was born being shocked, at the postpartum body that came after. All I focused on was dressing the bump, and then I didn’t know how to style this new (larger than expected) squishy, nursing body. So I went for easy access, button downs, large arms holes, and stayed clear of silk and crew necks ;)


I’m more low key now that I don’t go into a corporate office; I’ve gravitated towards no fuss and comfort. I do have a mom uniform (summer - St james tee, white denim and espadrilles and in the winter I go for layers so it’s stylish but it’s also really a lot of comfort)


Sydney striped sweater

Piper pink fleece moto jacket

Claire classic white button down

Aden caftan blue

Emmanuelle jumpsuit navy

Hughes sweater

Lace up surf suit navy stripe

Beach pant in poppy

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I’m a sucker for a striped tee, maybe it’s the coastal in me

A light pair of levi’s, great with basically any shoe. Dressed up or down.

A great sweater that is just the right weight and still flattering

A jumpsuit, functional and versatile. Day or Night.

A well-fitted Leather Jacket, just a classic.

Loafers- easy, comfortable + stylish




    My family was doing a home exchange, and we were living in London for the month of August. While we were abroad, we decided to go to Italy for the weekend. Before we left I went looking for a swimsuit for my (then 15 month old) baby boy, Theo. Sidenote: London has a gigantic children’s market, entire floors at department stores that you just don’t see here in the states. Mid July I could not find a suit for him anywhere, I finally found one on sale that I wasn’t pleased about but felt it was my only option. I then started thinking how slim the swim options were for boys + girls. Since we live at the beach, I felt that here this was my lifestyle and yet I really didn’t see anything out there, especially for boys that I thought was classic, clean, yet still fresh and current. I didn’t want any decals or slogan, just simple and well made. The more I looked, the more frustrated and shocked I became. I didn’t want dry and scratchy polyester on his skin. So my wheels began to turn, and felt there was really a void in the children’s swim market.



    I would say it leans more European (French pinafore /Italian bandeau). I appreciate classic and polished but still want to keep the collection fresh, current and playful incorporating function and soft fabrics for their skin.


    Returning customers! What can be a sweeter compliment? When I launched the second collection, and started seeing familiar names/orders come through, I wanted to cry!


    When my husband and I first got married we lived in Santa Monica, but moved down to Orange County when we had kids to be closer to family. We live in a little walkable community called Corona Del Mar, that is right in-between Newport Beach + Laguna Beach. We love to walk to our favorite breakfast/lunch spot called Zinc on Pch. We also like Rose Bakery for lunch, La Fogata or Bandera for Dinner and Sweet Lady Jane or Sprinkles for dessert.


    I thought I had it down for a quick second, with one child + working. Ha! Blessed to live close to family to help out. Before Georgia, my mom watched one day a week, my mother-in-law one afternoon and then I had a babysitter one morning. The other days I worked during Theo’s nap times and in the night. 

    I haven’t quite gotten into my ‘two kids + working groove yet’, I’ll let you know if/when I do find the groove ;)



    Grace + Strength


    I have passion for all of them.

    Mother: love

    Wife: support

    Business owner: perseverance

    Friend: connection

    Designer: details


      Bedtime story: Theo likes me to tell stories about him as the lead/hero and those are my favorite ones too J

      Lullaby: “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine”

      Vacation Spot: I like exploring new places I haven’t been before – But I tend to like beach mixed with a new culture (i.e.: Thailand, Costa Rica, etc.)

      Restaurant: Too hard, in the world? Let’s just say, in my neighborhood it’s Zinc + Bandera.

      Children’s Brands: minnow, nanos, mabo, knot, luli & me, anais and I, la ranjinha


      It’s tricky because even when people told you things like “soak up sleeping in’ it doesn’t really sink in until you know and have been through it. But yes, I would probably say the same ‘Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!”



      My quotes change weekly but currently it’s:  

      “The women whom I love and admire for their strength and grace, did not get that way because shit worked out, they got that way because shit went wrong and they handled it. They handled it on 1,000 different days, in 1,000 different ways but they handled it. Those women are my super heros”

      -Elizabeth Gilbert


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