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Q&A with Megan Stokes of Holy City Chic

Q&A with Megan Stokes of Holy City Chic




Megan worked in special events at the Medical University of South Carolina Children’s Hospital prior to launching her career as the beauty editor for The Everygirl, a social media strategist, and the blogger behind Holy City Chic. She writes about style, home interiors, beauty, and her family’s life in Charleston, SC. In March of this year, Megan and her husband embarked on their greatest adventure yet, the birth of their first child, Watson.

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There are so many unknowns and challenges as I learn to be a first time mama. But I think that is the greatest part of it all—sharing so many firsts with my baby. He’s learning new things every day and so am I! We’re learning this new life hand in hand. No matter how many children Brandon and I end up having, I’ll always share that special connection with Watson.


In every way imaginable! I may not have the same flexibility to go and do things like I used to, but my life is filled with so much more love and I feel a great sense of willpower—like I can do anything. I learned this the first time I had to carry a great big shipment of boxes into the post office with Watson in tow ...and I was all alone. Anything is possible!


Watson is 11 weeks old and has the sweetest little soul. I think he knows his mommy and daddy are new at this, so he takes it easy on us and sleeps like a champ through the night. He smiles all the time and his entire face lights up. We took him to the beach for the first time last weekend and he loved it. He just started cooing and that really makes our hearts ache!


I’m breastfeeding Watson and I’ve found that what I wear makes all the difference in how easy or hard feeding him can be. I’m always looking for loose fitting silhouettes and anything that has straps that button up top. Two piece outfits are really great, too—like a good pair of denim and a flowy top that can easily be lifted.


How would you describe your #momstyle? I feel like my personal style has stayed the same since becoming a mom, but I’m a lot more conscious about the washing instructions on my clothing. I know that I’m probably going to get spit up (or worse) on my outfit at least once or twice a day, so something that can be thrown in the washing machine is KEY!

I would describe my #momstyle as comfortable, but pulled together. I believe a stylish outfit can be just as chic in a soft, no fuss fabric. I’m not going to lie, I rock yoga pants a lot more often than I used to, but I think a favorite pair of jeans or a relaxed dress that can be dressed up or down with the right shoe can be just as easy and comfortable.


The perfect vee-navy + ivory stripe - Navy + white stripes are always in style and I love the relaxed fit of this top.

Westside pant-rail - With a great pant like this, I would throw on a simple white top and call it good.

White crochet elastic waist shorts - These shorts had me at elastic waist. I know they would be comfortable as I’m constantly bending over picking up Watson and getting down on his playmat with him.

Long sleeve tee-black + white stripe - Another striped option that I love.

The easy pant - These pants give the comfort of yoga pants, but have high style.

Babs dress - I love how flirty and fun this dress is!

Stripe shirt dress - A button-up dress is a a big favorite for me right now since I’m breastfeeding.

Elide shirt - Something about a collared shirt instantly makes me feel put together. This one is beautiful and unique.

The long sleeve tee-white - Hatch has the most comfortable fabrics. I’d wear this top every day if I could!

Petal shorts-denim - The length on these shorts look perfect and I love a high waist.

Crop sleeveless top and Firenze print button down midi skirt - This skirt and top make a beautiful outfit, but the best part is that they could be mixed and matched with other pieces.

Popham top-flare - Such a fun, flowy top that is nursing friendly.

Ritah tunic blouse - A good white oxford is a closet staple for me. I love the longer length on this one because it would be great for layering or worn alone!


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A pair of skinny jeans that makes you feel lifted and confident, a button down white shirt for layering, a great white tee, a few dresses that are comfortable but can make you look pulled together in a flash, a denim jacket, a black blazer, a comfortable pair of tall wedges, and a pair of nude heels that don’t kill your feet, but make your legs look a mile long.


My blog started in 2010 as a passion project and has organically transitioned into a business venture. I love sharing my favorite beauty products, fashion finds, lifestyle adventures, and now, baby must-haves with my readers. Over the years, blogging has remained fun to me and that’s the reason I continue to do it. I’ve always heard that when you love what you do, you never feel like you’re working. That’s so true!


I’ve lived in Charleston, SC since 2009 and absolutely love this place. In fact, my husband and I moved away a couple years ago, but we only lasted about 6 months and moved back! We live less than a mile outside of downtown, which is perfect for us because we have a bit more of a yard and space, but we’re so close to all of our favorite places on the Charleston peninsula.

We live in a very walkable area, so I take Watson for a walk somewhere nearby almost every day. On the weekends, we’ll grab brunch (read: nutella + strawberry french toast) at our neighborhood favorite, Three Little Birds. There are so many family-friendly beaches in Charleston that we love to visit, but our favorite is Folly Beach because of it’s laid back vibe. The best part of Charleston, in my opinion, is how it’s surrounded by water. So going out to dinner with a waterfront view is the best of both worlds since Charleston is known for it’s good eats. One of our favorites is Tavern and Table, which overlooks Shem Creek and is gorgeous inside. We went there for our third anniversary dinner and took Watson with us when he was three weeks old!



Watson normally sleeps straight through the night until about 7am. I’ll feed him, and then he goes back to sleep for a few hours. During that time, I’ll get up and get myself ready—but a lot of days I’m guilty of just getting back in bed and going back to sleep! I’m so lucky to work from home, so I use the morning hours to catch up on emails while he continues napping or rocks in his swing. I take him on a walk every day and it’s normally before lunchtime. If I need to run errands, we’ll save the walk for that evening so that my husband can go with us. I normally pick a couple days a week to designate as “errand days,” and try to pack as much in those days as I can because it’s a lot harder to get out of the house with a baby! I bought a manual pump and will quickly pump a bottle in the car if I need to while we’re out, which makes it easier for me to have Watson out and about with me. During the afternoons, we play on his playmat and I do all I can to keep an 11 week old baby entertained! He takes an afternoon nap around 4pm every day, so I’ll use that time to work. Usually my husband gets home right around the time he’s waking up, so that gives me the flexibility to keep working if I need to or play with my boys! The most regular part of our day is our bedtime routine. It’s the same every night, no matter where we are. We give Watson a bath, which he loves and is really relaxing for him. Then we turn the lights low and put on soft music while we read books and rock him in the glider. After Watson’s bedtime feeding, he easily goes to sleep and typically stays that way all night long! After he’s put to bed, I finish up any work projects I’ve got going on and spend some one on one time with Brandon. I think all three of us are creatures of habit and thrive on a good routine.


Any special tips you can share? Finding balance between being a mom, wife, and blogger is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I’m still learning this and hope I find a great deal of clarity on this soon! One thing that has helped is to pick what I’m doing and devote all I can to it. For example, if I’m out with Brandon and Watson, I try to not check my emails and get distracted from my time with them. This is hard for me! If I’m working, I enlist the help of my husband to watch Watson while I really get at it. And a big thing I’ve learned is that making time for myself allows me to be a better mom, wife, and business person. Sometimes I’ll go to a class at the gym or take a bubble bath and it makes me feel so recharged.


What does Motherly Mean to You? To me, “motherly” means creating a nurturing environment for my baby. I always want to be his safe place. The fact that I’m now “motherly” does not take away from the identity I had for myself pre-baby. I’m still the same person I used to be, but I just have a little one to think about before I put myself first. And I love that.


Mother: loving

Wife: devoted

Business owner: self-motivated

Friend: softhearted


Cravings: Anything fruity. I was constantly thirsty during pregnancy, so fruit was perfect.

What helped you sleep: I had no problem with that. I was tired all day long!

Vacation Spot/Babymoon: We bought a fixer upper house when I was six months pregnant, so we joke and say that this was our babymoon. We had a lot to do to get it ready for Watson! (It still isn’t ready.) We did go to the British Virgin Islands right before I got pregnant and can’t wait to go back.

Push Present: Brandon gave me a wedding band as a push present. It has diamonds going all around it, but one of them was replaced with an aquamarine stone, which is Watson’s birthstone. It’s by far my favorite piece of jewelry ever.

Children’s Brands – what have you been buying for baby: Kissy Kissy and Magnolia Baby are big favorites of mine because they are so soft like onesies, but are actual outfits. Watson also has a few adorable striped t-shirts from H&M and little shorts from Zara. We also love Janie and Jack.


I don’t think there’s one thing. There are so many unknowns about being a mom and there’s no way to understand what being a mom really means until you become one for yourself. Sure there are books, classes, and advice from others, but truthfully, no one can prepare you for this job!


“A ship at harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships are for.”






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