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Q&A with Lauren Mansell, Founder of Hello Sitter

Q&A with Lauren Mansell, Founder of Hello Sitter



Lauren Mansell, founder of Hello Sitter (as seen on the Today Show) and a soon to be 29-year old (hanging on to her 20’s for dear life) lives in New York.  She is mama to one daughter and married to her best friend - all of whom are British (although Ady, her daughter only by birth). This self-proclaimed {extremely} shy lady loves deeply, but doesn't forgive easily. 

Lauren was inspired to start her business, Hello Sitter from personal experience.  She's a big believer in the importance of me-time and spontaneity and hopes to achieve that for all parents and families living in or visiting New York.

We are thrilled to have her join our BURU Tastemaker Tribe! Learn more about this innovative mama and her incredible business and app in our exclusive Q&A below. Plus, shop her exquisite curated #momstyle in her Tastemaker Collection.


That there is this person that loves you unconditionally – to them you are the best person in the world and they make you feel like it!  I can be in the worst mood or having a really tough day and just the way they look at you or hug you can change it!


The biggest thing that has changed for me is the realization that the decisions I make will effect another human being, on a more obvious emotional and physical level but more broadly the person she will turn out to be. It’s not just about the big things like helping to show her what she can achieve but the little things like how you choose to talk and treat people. I am the person that she is watching and learning from and I think I should take seriously how the things I do will shape the person she becomes.


I have one daughter called Adrienne but we call her Ady who is 4 this month.  She is beautiful (I am biased I know!) and very strong-minded like her father.  She is the funniest person I know and also the most caring – she makes me incredibly proud to call her mine.


I tried not to let my #momstyle change too much!  It has changed more in the last couple years since Ady started school as those mornings getting out the house are tough!  I need outfits that are easy to put together and don’t require too much brain power.  This means in summer it is easy dresses and in winter jeans (I am loving the high-waist ‘mom-jeans’) and silk tops.  I love a good shoe!


The Claude Jacket
Radial Cropped Sweater
Radial Pencil Skirt
Firenze Print Crop Sleeveless Top
Wayward Pant Denim
Boyfriend Jean in Reyna Denim
Italian Cady Trapeze Top - Petal
Asla Pleated Faux Leather Skirt
Amy Bomber Jacket
Twilight Jumpsuit

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A good pair of jeans that make you feel amazing

Little black dress (it can literally be worn to any occasion)

A leather jacket

Statement shoe (whether it be a flat or heel does not matter)

Plain white or black sneaker (or both ideally!)

Silk cami

Comfy t-shirt

Beautiful knit

You have multiple outfits with just 8 items!


Hello Sitter came from a personal need and it made me think if I am having this much trouble then surely other parents are too.  After returning to work Ady when was 9 months I just didn’t enjoy it like I once had, I lasted exactly 9 months and decided to stop working again.  I knew that I wanted to start a business but wasn’t exactly sure what and whilst I was trying to figure it out; brainstorming, meeting people, etc. it was then that I had trouble find sitters. Not only for when I wanted them, but the kind of sitters I felt great leaving her with rather than constantly being concerned that she was well and enjoying herself.

As parents we always have something going on, whether it’s something that needs doing or fixing or buying and I found the whole process of finding a sitter stressful and painful.  My dream was to not only eliminate that stress but also the ‘parent guilt’ we get when we leave our children, and so Hello Sitter was born.


We are focused on New York right now but in the future we of course hope to expand to multiple cities!

One of the most important things to me and what in fact differentiates hello sitter is that we have such an emphasis on vetting.  Not a single sitter is on-boarded onto the platform until all the steps of our application are completed. Every sitter is interviewed in person to discuss their experience, this is verified with 3 previous childcare references, a thorough background check (sexual offenders list, terrorist watchlist, criminal database, DMV records, SSN validation, screen on last residence) and to complete a social media sweep.  After this I personally on-board every single sitter which means I have complete control over their profiles so that everything is accurate and relevant.

In addition, we are a service and not a piece of technology – I am at the end of the phone or on email if anyone ever has questions or concerns and regularly speak to a lot of my families.

It is like we are bottling up the traditional luxury boutique agency and transferring it to an app.


Everyday is different which is one of the things I really like about having my own business.

Things that I do every day without fail is check email – it is the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning – a quick skim to see if there is anything that needs addressing then and there.

I try and schedule in at least 1 meeting a day, whether that be with an existing customer, a potential partnership or a friend that is also running a business. This helps me stay on track on what my main goal is rather than spending every minute on administration tasks (which can be easy to do!).

We also try and be involved in a lot of community events so I find there is something to organize in relation to that daily.

I also deal with customer service as I think it is important for my families to know that they are talking to the founder so inevitably a chunk of my day is spent doing that.

Then before you know it work day is over and I am wearing my mom hat (there are never enough hours in the day!).


We live in Chelsea in Manhattan – in the flower district but we also spend a lot of time in West Village because I just love the vibe there.

Local to us is Madison Square Park so Ady likes to scoot over there and my husband and I can get a good coffee from Eately.

If we plan on eating in the West Village Ady loves the Bleeker street playground and it means we can pop in her favorite kids stores – Teich Toys (the best kids toy shop!) and YOYA (where basically Ady’s whole wardrobe is from!)

Adrienne’s favorite museum is Children’s Museum of the Arts in Tribeca and we take a lot of classes at Chelsea Piers and often walk over to the carousel or sit on the grass along the water.


To me motherly is about creating a safe place.  I want Ady to feel like if she’s upset or hurt or confused coming to me makes her feel better.  I want her to know that no matter what I will always be here to support her and try and make it better.


mother: protector
wife: supporter
business owner: driven
product designer (tech?): beginner
friend: loyal


Bedtime Story: Ninja Bunny – Ady has a slight obsession with bunnies so this book is great – a story about friendship with some super cool bunnies

Lullaby: When Ady was a baby I made up a bedtime song (full disclosure: I cannot sing to save my life).  Sometimes now when she is messing around with her dad they like to make fun of me and sing it.

Vacation spot: One + Only, Cabo – it holds special memories for my husband and I and now it holds special memories as a family

Restaurant: The Club @ Soho House, New York – We use it as our second home so Ady is just calm there – she knows there is no expectation to sit at a dinner table and is very well versed in where the sweets and ice-cream live.

Children’s Brands: So many! Sid has the cutest pieces, Emelie et ida, molo for cool leggings, Pepe for shoes, louise misha.


That it is hard.  That you will sometimes feel like you are failing. That you need friends that are also parents so they understand and can support you. That everything will be okay – children are very resilient.


“If your dreams don’t scare you they’re not big enough”


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