Kelly is wife to hubby Julian and mama to 5-year old twins Lily (my heart warrior) and George. When she's away from her little ones, she runs a beautiful little girls' romper line called little minis .a And as if that's not enough on her plate, she is also the co-founder of Alliance of Moms and a heart ambassador for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Talk about a SUPER MOM, right?


 We are so thrilled to welcome Kelly to our BURU Tribe, and we know you are going to
LOVE our exclusive Q&A with her below!


What do you love most about being a mom? 

The endless love we give to one another.


How has motherhood changed you? 

It has made me more determined, more responsible, more fragile, more compassionate, and just kinder. I represent them and our family. I am no longer just one. I am 4. And it makes me a better person because of motherhood. How lucky and grateful for this gift.


Tell us about your mini squad. 

Twin almost 5 year olds! A sweet Boy named George and A firecracker Girl named Lily! 

George is such a bright and fun boy. He is a crazy good dancer and pretty much good at any athletic sport he tries. He’s a sensitive soul and beyond thoughtful.

Lily is my ball of energy and my wild one. She has the best energy and is always up for an adventure. She also loves BUGS so we have endless amounts crawling everywhere at any given time. I have definitely softened to the idea lol. 


Has your personal style changed since becoming a mom? How would you describe your #momstyle? 

I have always been a dress girl but I do think I now rely heavily on good dresses in my closet. I have to say that putting on a dress is the easiest thing in the world and always makes me feel put together even when I don’t have much time. I tend to be the last person to worry about so it’s a time savor for me to be able to just throw one thing on and run out the door feeling good!


What are your must-haves from BURU and why do they work in your mommy lifestyle?  


Ulla Johnson Patchwork dress: CRAZY beautiful and makes you feel so put together. Throw on this MAMA Moto Jacket and you can run right into eve. 

I love the Poet Dress by The Great! This is a staple piece for any mama. 

The Buru white label Mama Maxi-Black. I always love a cozy dress you can wear anywhere and anytime. 

LemLem Kira Long Cardigan: You can wear this all the time and over dresses. It’s always important to have one great cardigan for those cozy days. 

These Tired Mom Sunglasses: Glasses are key! I love a great BIG pair of glasses!! 

Rachel Comey Bender Jumpsuit in Navy: A comfy and adorable outfit for on the go!

 The Poly Pajama Set: yes please! These are great for those early mornings with coffee in hand. You don't always have to be in sweats :)


What key pieces should every mama have in her closet? 

Dresses for day and eve, a killer leather jacket, a great pair of vintage Levis, and a good pair of comfy shoes for running around with the kiddos. Oh, and a great pair of boots!


Tell us about Little minis. What’s its story or history? 

Little minis is something that came out of wanting beautiful forever pieces for your little girl that was not only beautiful but allowed her to be playful and adventurous. My daughter was a big inspiration. Such a girl but also always on the go!


I believe in how things are made and every person behind each and every piece. That is why all pieces are made here in Los Angeles by an incredible and responsible factory. It’s incredibly important to me that I support our local business community, so design, development, and production are all right here in California.


I use dead-stock fabrics, each hand picked and saved from high quality and left over manufactures instead of ordering new. The pieces are limited edition pieces that cannot be remade because of the amount of yards found. So it truly is special and unique. I think of them as forever pieces.


I also am the one who not only designs, but I also over see every single aspect. I am your shipper, your creative director, your customer service, and your social media community. I love to know the people buying the pieces too, so it’s an amazing community behind it. 


What is your favorite aspect about running your own business? What is your least favorite?

My favorite is the community. From the factory and the people that work behind the little minis pieces to the awesome customers. I truly wake up everyday thankful for every photo I see of a little in a little minis, the messages I receive, the support that everyone gives to one another. It’s more than just a dress. It’s a little family!


My least favorite is seeing others in the same space create garments that look identical to mine. Although it is said “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” in my heart it just hurts to see others copying my pieces that I poured my blood, sweat, and tears into.


What does a typical day look like for you?

The chaos begins around 6am.I wake for coffee and to feed the babes their breakfast and I tend to get the kiddos dressed and ready to go fairy quickly. I drop them off around 8:30 to school and while they are away I get to work. I either visit the factory, go fabric hunting, create new designs, or do shipping. I then pick up at 3:00 and I’m mom! After school activities, dinner, bath, maybe a quick dance party and lots of lots of cuddles.


We would love to hear more about your home base? 

I live in sunny Los Angeles. We have our favorite spots for dinner. One is Petit Toi and Terronis. Another favorite for breakfast is Jon & Vinny’s or the farmers markets on Sundays. We also always go and pick up the best croissants at Chaumont Bakery. It’s the highlight of the weekend.


What does motherly mean to you?

A loving and nurturing being. One who is supportive and protective, careful, and protective.


In one word how would you describe yourself in all the roles you play?

mother: loving

wife: thoughtful

business owner: motivated

friend: loyal


Can you share a few of your favorite mommy moments? 

Bedtime Routines may be my favorite. We send “wishes to the world” every night. We pick one wish for ourselves and then one wish for others. My favorite one so far was when George said, “I wish love in everyone’s heart.” It’s a good way to end the day and send goodness to the world. We then kiss our hands and blow to the sky. 


What is the one thing you wish you would have known before becoming a mom?

That you are more prepared at this gig then you thought. Ease into it. You actually know a lot more than you think. Those amazing instincts become a force of their own and it’s something you need to follow more then you did before.


Words to live by: 

“The world is changed by your example not your opinion."

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