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Q&A with Founders of Gathre

Q&A with Founders of Gathre



We are two best friends, mothers, and business owners who run Gathre, where we create bonded leather mats as a place for gathering those you love. At the center of our orbit is our families and our faith. We feel strongly that there are grand and simple moments with those you love all around us and our hope is to gather them and carry them with us.

We love those magical moments of reward that make it all worth it: a smile from a newborn, watching fireworks with a 5 year old, or story time with a toddler. It’s the best work on earth!


In every regard. We are different women because of motherhood. We’re more empathetic, more refined, a little more tired, a little more aged and grateful of each day we’ve lived with these little ones.


We have 6 kids between the two of us and they are busy but wonderful! They’ve become sweet friends and love to play with each other which is wonderful.


Yes, we are more conservative, more intent on ease. We always joke that we both wear black and show up to work matching because we love simple things.


    Mama maxi - black

    Fabulah scarf - peach and ivory

    The Cassie pant - black and ivory stripe

    The Zoe pant - navy pinstripe

    Emmanuelle Jumpsuit - navy

    The Claude jacket - black and white plaid

    The ipek pant - pistachio

    Carmen dress - nude

    Fabiana dress - blanc

    Oasis dress - banker stripe

    The ruffle tee

    The poet dress


    Gathre had its beginning as we were eating outside a lot one summer in a small apartment without air conditioning. Kids were making a mess and our blanket was dirty and needing a wash way too frequently. We wondered why there wasn’t something wipeable and aesthetically beautiful. So we set out to make one. It’s been 2 and half years of learning, hard work, and blessings. We wouldn’t trade the journey and growth for anything.


    Our favorite thing is getting to create something meaningful for others with our very favorite people. It feels like a dream come true. The least favorite thing depends on the day, but we both struggle not feeling guilty about being a working mother. Trying everyday to cling to what we know is right and not worry about much else.


    When we’re at home we try to be at home, we both work part time in the office and catch up during naps or at night. It’s busy but we love what we do.


    We live in Provo Utah, at the foot the mountains. It’s a perfect adventure place, and we love to explore the canyons and lakes nearby.


    To trust your gut, you’ll know what is right for your family more than you think.


    Our brand quote has become a favorite:

    “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us, or we find it not.” Emerson



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