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Behind the Seams of Buru x Jaimie Dewberry

Behind the Seams of Buru x Jaimie Dewberry

Along Buru's 10-year journey, I have crossed paths with so many extraordinary women. Each with her own je ne sais quois. But, when I had the absolute joy of meeting Jaimie Dewberry just over five years ago, I knew exactly what her somethin', somethin' was—Jaimie Dewberry is the human form of modern hospitality. 

She perfectly combines the warm traditions of the south with effortless elegance.

And though she holds significant roles at both Studio D - a design firm she co-founded specializing in product development in the interiors, architecture and commercial real estate space, best known for the stunning Dewberry Hotel - and serves as the Director of The Dewberry Foundation - a family foundation founded by her husband, John Dewberry, 20 years ago - Jaimie's magic is her ability to make every person feel like the most important, and most loved, person in her orbit. 

I felt an instant connection to her and as I got to know her heart, her personal style and her passion for preservation—I knew that someday I would get up the nerve to ask her to collaborate.

Fast forward to the summer of 2023 and a casual text message I sent to Jaimie asking if she might be interested in collaborating on a collection together - one made in our Downtown LA factory, using up-cycled textiles, inspired by her love of travel and the timeless style of The Dewberry. I didn't hear back.

Weeks went by. 

Knowing how absolutely kind and gracious she is, I assumed she was just noodling on a nice way to say, "no". 

But then...out of the blue came the MOST precious message explaining she had missed my note completely and that she was 100% in. I was elated!

[Quick teachable moment here, beauties: have faith and follow up! Had she never seen my text, I would have just assumed she wasn't interested, and she would have had no clue how very excited I was to work with her.]

Once we worked out our initial communication delay, we hit the ground running with mood boards, inspiration and time lines. 

With Jaimie and John spending half of their time in their Charleston home, we knew that a classic resort vibe, shot in the Queen City, was our direction. Diving deep into images of Jackie Onasis traveling the world in shift dresses, elevated t-shirts, oversized sunglasses and the BEST jackets set the tone for the collection.

For the collection's palette, we chose classic Americana hues with interjections of various shades of green; and a mix of textures from linen to crisp poplin, soft knits to flowy crepes. Our tailored silhouettes paired with buttery soft fabrics create a stunning mix of wearable, and effortless pieces, that will thrive in your wardrobes for seasons, and years, to come.

As with all of our domestic production, some of the styles will be quite limited in quantity due to the nature of using deadstock textiles. This is Buru's way of preserving and repurposing left behind treasures. To be sure that you have first dibs on the collection—please sign up for our email list HERE.  Prefer to text? No problem! Click HERE.

Plan your buy below. And join Jaime and I this Saturday, February 10th at 8:30 AM EST for the official launch of the Buru x Jaimie Dewberry Collection.

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