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Monica Royer, Founder and CEO of Monica + Andy

Monica Royer, Founder and CEO of Monica + Andy

In the spirit of celebrating mamas this week,

we chatted with 3 incredible women making waves!


Our next Pretty in Pink {Label} mama is the beautiful Monica Royer, founder of children's

brand, Monica + Andy.  Her brand may be playful, but this mama has a serious brain for

business. We are in awe of the company she is building, all while lifting up other female

entrepreneurs with her inspiring podcast.


Learn more about this BURU Beauty below.




Mom to: 7 year old girl | Hometown: Downers Grove, IL just outside of Chicago

BURU's 3 word slogan is: Mom. Life. Styled.

In 3 words for each below, please share with us:



How you Mother…

empathetic, loving, fairly strict



The essence of your day to day or the lifestyle
that you and your family commit to.

plant based, entrepreneurial, busy



What describes/defines your "look"?

dressy, simple, coffee stained



Biggest Accomplishment

Supporting my daughter through 7 years so far. Being responsible for another human isn't easy and I consider that to be my biggest accomplishment.


Biggest Missed Opportunity

I wish that I had listened to all my mom’s advice from the earliest years.

It would have saved me a lot of angst and time.


Real Mother's Day Plans

Work will probably come into play, but I will hopefully end up being able

to enjoy the day a little bit




Dream Mother's Day Plans

Starting the day with coffee in bed followed by hot yoga (by myself),

a long family walk and a day filled with spending time with

my husband and daughter along with my parents


Best piece of advice you would give your younger self

Listen to your mom. She knows best.


Best piece of advice you will give your daughter

Listen to your mom. She knows best :)


Best piece of advice your mother gave you

She has given me so much great advice over time.  I don't know where to start.  I think in general as a CEO you don't have as many people being your "boss" on a day to day basis and everyone needs a boss.  My mom is my boss for sure.  She has always taught me about unconditional love and the importance of family. It is less over time about what she has said to me but what she has shown me.  She helps me to keep it very real.  I have learned so much about mother hood from having her and watching her with my daughter.  If I have to have a single piece of advice my mom told me, "You will have many friends, but only one mom. Therefore I am your mom first and friend second. I need to tell you the things other people wont' want to." That has really helped me to become who I am.






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