We are thrilled with how many of you have already purchased face masks! When we set out to start producing masks for our beloved customers, we expected to sell hundreds. Instead, we've sold THOUSANDS! And the best part? You're helping us feed hungry kiddos in LA while they're out of school through LAUSD's meal program!

Because we are moving through fabric so quickly to meet the demand, we decided against selling them (traditionally) online. Guaranteeing colors and patterns with this amount of orders is next to impossible, so currently—we are accepting orders via email (see easy instructions below).

If you are looking for (non medical grade) face masks for the whole family, you still have time to order them!

Our double ply, washable face masks are a sculpted construction with soft bungee elastic around the ears. They are available in 4 sizes. Each mask is $10 with a $10 shipping charge per order. In order to donate the most possible to LA Unified School District's meal program, we can not offer free or discounted shipping.

To place your order, simply copy and paste the italicized text below, complete with your quantities needed, into an email to info@shopburu.com or click HERE

Someone on our team will send you an invoice to complete the transaction online. 

Adult Male - Quantity:
Adult Female - Quantity:
Teenager - Quantity:
Small Child Girl (ages 2-5) - Quantity:
Small Child Boy (ages 2-5) - Quantity:
Large Child Girl (ages 6-12) - Quantity:
Large Child Boy (ages 6-12) - Quantity:
Color preferences -
solid (available for men only)_____
patterns: bright______  AND/OR neutral_____
Machine wash cool/warm water and hang to dry, near a sunny window if possible. DO NOT DRY.  Treat these like a bra ;)
Adult Male = 7 1/4" from nose to chin
Adult Female = 6" from nose to chin
Large Child = 5 1/4" from nose to chin
Small Child = 4 1/2" from nose to chin
Please note: 

These masks are meant to be used for personal protection to help flatten the curve and spread of COVID-19. They are not meant to be used with any kind of filter, nor are they a direct substitute for N95 surgical or procedural masks and are not FDA approved. 

Along with wearing these masks when out of the house for essential business/errands, please continue to practice social distancing and thorough hand-washing!


  • Theresa

    These masks are a favorite! The large child size fits my son very well

    Theresa on

  • Rhonda

    Love being surprised at not knowing what wonderful patterns you get in the mail.

    Rhonda on

  • Patricia Elliott

    I just received my masks. I LOVE them. I will feel cute and confident in my BURU mask when I have to return to the office sometime next month. Thank you!

    Patricia Elliott on

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