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Dear America, We Still Love You. Here Are 20 Reasons Why.

Dear America, We Still Love You. Here Are 20 Reasons Why.


Whether you {politically} bleed red or blue—as America's birthday celebration draws near, let us all remember to teach our littles the importance of sporting and supporting RED, WHITE, and BLUE!


It's no secret that our lovely 'Land of the Free' is going through a bit of a rough patch lately. It's no secret that She's not perfect or that She could do better—be better. But guess what mamas—just like all of us, She's still trying. And just like us, She will prevail.


She will prevail because She's come too far not to reach her full potential. She will prevail because our babies deserve Her in all of Her glory. She will prevail because we will not let her fail.


In the spirit of Hugh Grant's speech as Britain's Prime Minister in Love Actually—let us not forget that:


"Though we are a {divided} country, we are a great one.

A country of Wonder Woman, Oprah, Marilyn, Jackie, Beyoncé, Serena Williams' backhand, Serena Williams' forehand come to that..."


In 20 days, we will celebrate the USA's 241st b-day. Every day until then, I plan to share one amazing fact about America with Olive and Schafer to help them appreciate this great country of ours.


If you have any desire to join in the fun, here are 20 of my favorite kid-friendly fun facts about America:

(some are quirky so you may want to swap out with your own personal faves...but this will get you started!)


1. Our people are good.
According to the World Giving Index, Americans are the most likely people to help a stranger.
2. Our food is one giant kids' menu.
AKA—the cheeseburger originated in the USA.
3. Our puppets rock.
America is home to the Muppets. (Maybe this should have been number 1).
4. We are the real Candy Land.
From Marshmallow Peeps to Hershey's Chocolate—our country dominates the candy game. (There may or may not be a red, white & blue themed candy treat bag given on this day).
5. Warm Bubble Baths.
According to a study in 2009, almost every single family home in America has a least one hot water heater. (We will be celebrating with a bubble bath full of gratitude!)
6. Our Libraries are hidden gems.
Did you know that many public libraries let you check out up to 50 books at a time? Time to go hit up the local library and shop 'til we drop!
7. America keeps it separate.
Because of the separation of church and state, we are all able to worship and celebrate our own religious beliefs without persecution.
(Have to teach them the most important ones too!)
8. We Changed the Carnival Experience.
The Ferris Wheel debuted at the 1941 World's Fair in Chicago.
(Find one and take a ride today!)
9. We made getting dressed for school easier.
The modern zipper originated in a USA owned factory based in Chicago in 1913.
10. America—home of easy mac and microwavable pop-corn.
In 1945, an engineer in Maine accidentally discovered that his "microwave" (not intended for kitchen use) had melted the chocolate in his pocket.
11. Let's Hear It For Screen Time
(Though we are constantly limiting it and worrying about over usage, what would we do with out these devices?)
America is credited for mobile phones and personal computers—thanks to Motorola and Apple.
12. America—The Beautiful
Niagra Falls, The Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree National Park, Yellow Stone, Lake Tahoe, Big Sur, The Florida Keys, The Smoky Mountains...just to name a few.  Get out there and see Her!
13. Art is all around.
From the Guggenheim to the Getty and all the smaller scale art museums and school hallways in between, no other country celebrates every level of art like America. (Case in point, all the kid art in every home across this great nation). Frame one today!
14. Disney. {Land + World}
'Nough Said.
15. We took the large step for mankind.
An American man was the first to walk on the moon! Yay for outer-space and rocket ships!
16. America loves full piggy banks.
The USA has the largest world economy—aka the biggest piggy bank in the world. Seems like a perfect opportunity to teach the importance of saving with a Lady Liberty shaped bank.
17. A Nation of Beautiful Muts
Just like pound puppies, we are a nation of immigrants—perfectly melded together from a mix of cultures and countries. In many countries in the world (take China as an example) the bulk of the population look the same. How neat that in America, we all look so very different with influences from so many places.
18. We're HUGE!
We are the 4th largest country in size—measuring in at 3,537,437 square miles.  That's big.
19. We'll Get You Movin'
America has revolutionized transportation. From cars (thanks Ford) to airplanes (way to go Wright Brothers) to elevators (well played Otis), the USA takes the cake on getting people where they need to go!
20. We Can't Stop the Feeling!
What would we do without dance parties to take the edge off at the end of the day? Our country is known for its jazz, bluegrass, country, rap, rock and roll, pop, hip hop and more. No doubt we will celebrate this by listening to the Trolls Soundtrack—yet again.


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