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Build-a-Cozy Kit

Build-a-Cozy Kit


It's official. The holiday season is far behind us and the realities of winter are settling in. Freezing temps, dreary days and dry skin have us reaching for anything soft and comforting. 
While it's possible that you are "technically" still in the midst of a resolute spending freeze or at least watching your pennies, we would like to take a moment to remind you of how much money you're saving by nestling in at home during this cruddy weather that so often defines the month of January.
We believe that you deserve a few small rewards for surviving this bone chilling weather and for maxing out every ounce of creativity in your soul attempting to keep your kiddos entertained indoors.
So, mamas—we created a Build-a-Cozy-Kit Guide. Think of it like a bear workshop—except at this end of this, you'll have the loungewear outfit of your dreams, something fabulous to snuggle, smell or drink and a new beauty treatment to reset your skin.
And if this doesn't beat the winter blues, then perhaps it's time to call Delta.


1. Comfy Clothes

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Nothing beats the cold like soft, oversized sweaters, knit jumpsuits or a cozy duster. Complete the look with a pair of Birdies Slippers that take your lounge game to the next level.


2. Mood Setting Necessities

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Even a small trinket can be a BIG pick-me-up. There is something luxurious about using a new throw blanket or a lighting a fresh candle for the first time.
And in the spirit of your possible "spend freeze", may we suggest individually sized boxed wine? It's basically a juice box for mommy, yet rings up cheaper than an actual green juice for mommy. 


3. Beauty Rest Essentials

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No cozy kit would be complete without a few products to treat your chaffed, winter skin. Whether it's a balancing charcoal mask, a rich lip conditioner or a night cream of champions (OR ALL 3!) top off your kit with a treatment that will help get your glow on, mama! You will not regret it!

Stay cozy, mama!

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