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Bumpkins: A Halloween Art Project

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With Halloween just around the corner this is one art project you have to do with your little one. Not only is it adorable, but it will be funny material to pull out on her 16th birthday.

You will need:
1. White construction paper
2. Orange Tempera paint (Tempera paint contains organic compounds that make them safe to use, even if ingested, but this also means they eventually will spoil.)
3. Wide paint brush
4. Colored markers
5. Baby bum


1. Get your squirmy little one to hold still long enough to paint a good portion of his or her booty using the wide paintbrush and orange paint. (Be careful not to get too invasive! Just the surface area of the bum is fine.)

2. Plant their tush firmly on the page and rock them back and forth a bit to make sure they get a good imprint on the page.

3. You may be left with two cute little 'bum-pkins' on the page, or one really large bumpkin. Color in some stems and voila! Art worth framing.



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