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Q&A with Tastemaker Lindsey Boyd

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                                              Loving life in New York CIty, New York.

Lindsey Boyd, owner and co-founder of The Laundress and mother to Chloe, understands balance in both her professional and personal life. Boyd has managed to find just the right equilibrium of chemicals and compounds to create the perfect line of laundry detergents that allow you to skip out on the dry-cleaners even for the pieces that claim to be dry-clean only. In addition, she has found balance in the many roles she juggles as mother, wife, and business owner by giving her all in each moment. As a woman who worked for Chanel and Brooks Brothers, her impeccable style is no question. All the more reason this chic working mom is a Shop Bu Ru Tastemaker. 

BR: What do you love most about being a mom?

LB: Everything! I love the challenges, well, most of them. I love being able to influence my daughter in a positive way and being able to teach her new things.

BR: Why did you choose to breast-feed your daughter?

LB: I understood the benefits of breast-feeding and, frankly, my did and most of the moms in my life did, so I thought if I was able to then I should. It was not the easiest thing to do when I headed back to work, but you make it work because you know it is the best source of nutrition for your newborn. 

BR: While breast-feeding, what was your day-to-day style? Did you ever wear maternity clothes during or after your pregnancy?

LB: I did wear my maternity jeans for a little bit after my pregnancy, but I did try to squeeze back into my normal jeans and pants as soon as possible, which motivated me to get back into shape faster. I wore a lot of button-down tops, tank tops that I could easily pull one strap down in, and I kept a "hooter hider" on hand at all times. I am pretty modest when it comes to breast-feeding in public, so I used this or an Aden and Anais Swaddle blanket to cover myself and the baby as they are lightweight and breathable.

BR: I've read that you were inspired to start The Laundress because you were "confronted with the frustration" of maintaining your clothes and having to replace "prematurely worn items and paying large dry-cleaning bills." What was your most prized piece that got ruined and what product from The Laundress would you use not to clean it instead?

LB: One of my very first Chanel jackets– ruined by the dry-cleaners. Not a good day for me. It came back with missing palettes (the embellished detail). The cleaners didn't do anything about it! It also had mystery stains appear as it was off white– a disaster to say the least. Now I would hand wash it with our Wool and Cashmere Shampoo (the jacket was cashmere) and treat the underarm areas and any stains with our Stain Solution. Then hang to dry.

BR: What are your laundry tip for new moms?


1. Hang dry. Do this as much as possible to avoid additional shrinkage and stress on the garment to be able to get as much wear out of an item as possible– especially sweaters.

2. A good stain remover. I could not have made it without our Stain Solution and Bleach Alternative. Not just for Chloe's clothing, but for mine as well. These two products are the dynamic duo– will remove old and new stains, everything from breast milk to diaper messes, berry stains, and more.

BR: What are the mommy must-haves in your purse/diaper bag?

LB: Huggies Natural Wipes, Babyganics sanitizer, and The Laundress Wash and Stain Bar and The Laundress Baby Fabric Fresh. Always an extra pair of bottoms, depending on the age of your child it could be a onesie– I am now carrying around an extra pair of pants and underwear for Chloe as she is potty training.

BR: What are your five favorite pieces from your Bu Ru Tastemaker Sale and why do they work in your mommy lifestyle?

LB: I love the army green jacket and plaid blazer– I am a sucker for jackets, blazers, and all things outerwear. This is a perfect layering piece as I find myself on the move a lot with a two year-old! Need to have layers.

I also adore the riding boots–can't get enough for fall and winter. I have been riding since age five and love the look for everyday as well. Easy to make any outfit look complete and stylish, which is key for a working mom on the go.

The denim leggings are a must-have, too, since I wear jeans a lot. These are the perfect pieces to add into my wardrobe.

My other favorite is the black dress with buttons. From work to preschool interviews, this dress fits my lifestyle perfectly for right now and days to come when my new baby boy arrives in December and I start nursing again.

BR: What's the number one Bu Ru accessory every mom needs?

LB: The orange bag to place in your diaper bag or handbag. 

BR: How do you balance owning and running your own business and family time with your husband and daughter?

LB: Balance, something I thought I was relatively good at until I became a mom. I had to reset the clock and create a new balance for myself. I came up with a plan about six months into motherhood– I decided that in order to give the most and get the most out of everything in my life, I needed to be committed 100% in that moment. For example, when I am at work, I am 100% at work. When I am with my daughter, I am 100% with my daughter. Date night with my husband, no iPhone. What this meant was okay, maybe I had to work a little more in the evening when my daughter was asleep or a little earlier in the morning before she woke up, but it works and I am not overwhelmed. My head is clear and my daughter gets all of her mom when I am with her or my girls night out is all about my friends, not work. No one benefits if you are half in and half out. It will show and you will only be half as good at what you are doing.

BR: Have you gone on any trips with your kids? If so, do you have any travel tips and/or packing tips?

LB: Yes, we have been traveling with Chloe since she was five months old. She is an excellent traveler. I am a horrible packer with regards to clothing as I always pack too much, however, I am lucky to have Luggagefree in my life to take care of this for me– a company to ship my bags, stroller, and carseat ahead of time.

As for my carry-on, I am very prepared when it comes to having all the necessary items, again depending on the age of your child. A few essentials are:

1. Wipes (only Huggies naturals)

2. Three diapers (at least)

3. Extra clothing (leggings because they're easy to put on)

4. Travel blanket (Fog Linen works and is washable)

5. Changing pad (Felix Ray baby bag)

6. Snacks (grapes and cheddar bunnies)

7. Bottle or sippy cup (born free)

8. Water/milk

9. Favorite book (small board books, Wheels on the Bus (favorite song and book), and Goodnight Moon)

10. Travel coloring book and crayons 

11. Lamby– Chloe's animal she sleeps with (Melissa and Doug lamb blanket too)

BR: What is the one thing you wish you would have known before becoming a mom?

LB: There really isn't anything as I was really ready– as a business owner, it was the right time in my career to start a family. My husband and I were both ready. The only thing that comes to mind is how truly amazing it is to be a mom and how much these little people change our lives for the better. There is no way of preparing yourself for that feeling as it only comes when you are holding your child in your arms.

Thank you so much, Lindsey Boyd!

To view her products on Shop Bu Ru, click here.

To learn more about The Laundress, click here.


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