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Q&A with Tastemaker Lydia Fenet

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Loving life in New York City, New York.

BR: What do you love most about being a mom?

LF: I love everything about it.

BR: What's the number one way in which motherhood has changed you?

LF: It has taught me to slow down. I have a tendency to go a million miles a minute– motherhood has FINALLY taught me the meaning of the word patience.

BR: Why did you choose to breast-feed your daughter, Beatrice? 

LF: My mother was a huge advocate of breastfeeding and I always grew up with such a positive impression of it. I really enjoyed the experience and am glad that it worked well.

BR: While breast-feeding, what was your day-to-day style? Did you ever wear maternity clothes during or after your pregnancy?

LF: Christie's has a fantastic maternity policy so I was able to spend the first four months of Beatrice's life at home in comfortable clothes; lots of easy access tops, sweaters, and jeans. My favorite nursing accessory was the tank that allowed me to unsnap the top, which made everything so much easier. When I got back to work, I wore things like DVF wrap dresses or Tory Burch blouses and skirts so that I could remove them and pump with ease. At least once a week I would forget to wear something that gave me easy access... that would always make for an interesting work day!

BR: What is a typical working mom outfit for you?

LF: My style as a working mom is pretty similar to my style pre-Beatrice. I still wear tailored dresses and skirts with tops or blazers. The only difference is how quickly I change into jeans when I get home. It is hard to roll around on the ground or give my daughter a bath in the tub in a tailored dress.

BR: I've read that you love finding jewelry in different countries like Morocco, Croatia, and Vietnam. What's your favorite piece of jewelry yo found on your travels and in what country did you find it?

LF: I bought a multi strand pink necklace years ago in a hill town called Saps in Vietnam. I have always loved wearing it, but now it has a different purpose. I put it in a little box that I give Beatrice when I need to keep her in one place while I am getting dresses. It takes her awhile to pull off the top of the box, but she always lets out a huge "OOOHHH" when she sees the necklace inside.

BR: You travel quite a bit for Christie's. Some even refer to you as an expert packer. What are your packing essentials when traveling with kids?

LF: I have learned that the key to packing with a baby is ordering diapers, wipes, etc. from diapers.com and having them delivered to your destination or buying it all at a store when you arrive. Those things take up so much space! When you are traveling with a baby, the last thing you need (along with a stroller, diaper bag, your bag, etc etc etc) is an extra suitcase to juggle! Otherwise I pack LOTS of clothes, lots of small toys for the plane, and plenty of face/hand wipes for spills, spit ups, or leaks. Never forget an outfit change for the plane—I made that mistake once and will never forget again!

BR: I've also read that you keep a tape measure in your purse to take measurements on the go. Are there any other must-haves in your bag as a mom on the go?

LF: I always have a small toy or mini book in my purse in case we get stuck somewhere for a long time and I need a distraction. I also keep an extra diaper and small bag of wipes in my purse in case we are running a quick errand and there is an accident!

BR: What are your five chic mom must-haves in your closet?

LF: Jimmy Choo flat boots for walking on the weekends, Hudson skinny jeans with stretch for playtime, DVF wrap dresses as they are great for traveling (and easy to clean if you end up with sticky little fingerprints on your outfit). Hunter rainboots for stomping in the puddles, and my Prada diaper bag. It looks just like a regular purse, but it has a diaper pad, pockets for bottles and wipes, and a long strap so you can hook it onto the back of your stroller.

BR: What is a typical weekend like for you, your husband, Chris, and your daughter, Beatrice?

LF: Friday night we usually stay in and spend time catching up with each other after Beatrice goes to bed. Saturday morning Chris and I both take runs early in the morning and spend the day walking around the village, playing at the playground at Madison Square Park or walking down through the village and Tribeca to the park on the west side highway to meet for a picnic. Saturday night we try to make our night out with friends- either having them over for dinner or meeting them out for dinner. Sunday is usually a quiet day spent at Appleseeds after a late brunch. Sunday we usually make dinner and just hangout before the work week starts again.

BR: Between family and work, do you ever find time for yourself? How do you unwind?

LF: Luckily, my "me time" has always been running. I love to head out for a long jog along the west side highway. During the week I run whenever I can- usually in the mornings because my husband prefers to run late at night when he gets home from work. As long as I can find time to run or hit flywheel four times a week (usually when Beatrice is asleep or napping), I feel like I am getting plenty of "me time".

BR: How do you and your husband make time for each other?

LF: Between our work schedules/spending time with our little girl, we really have to schedule spending alone time. We try to make dinner together at least once a week or go out together with friends. 

BR: What is the one thing you wish you would have known before becoming a mom?

LF: I always thought that it would be a wonderful experience, but I was not prepared for how truly amazing it is... and I am only at the beginning! It is also so incredible to see my husband in his new role as a father- I guess there is no way to predict how you will both be as parents, but it is a really incredible transformation. 

Thank you so much, Lydia Fenet! 


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