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BURU Guru: Your Personal Stylist

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There's nothing better than feeling great in your newly purchased clothes. But what if you're not feeling so great in those pieces you were so excited to wear? At Shop Bu Ru, no matter what time of day, no matter what style question is on your mind, Bu Ru Guru makes sure that you'll feel fabulous in whatever you buy.

Jess Hutchinson, cousin of Shop Bu Ru Co-Founder, Brett Hutchinson, and new mother to a beautiful eight month-old girl, recently enjoyed the assistance of Bu Ru Guru. So we asked her to describe her experience and why it is she loves Bu Ru Guru.

BR: How did you use Bu Ru Guru?

JH: I talked on the phone to Morgan [Shop Bu Ru Co-Founder and new mother] after my original purchase. I had a baby 8 months ago and I have a hard time finding clothes I feel attractive in. I placed the original order online, on my own. The particular items I chose were not flattering on me and I returned them. Morgan and I are family so she contacted me to see what I thought. I told her what I was looking for... flattering tops and very supportive leggings. She asked me some great questions and made some suggestions. I trusted her and I LOVE everything I received. I have two tops I love and the best leggings I have ever bought. I wouldn't have picked out a particular top she suggested, but I sure am glad she did because it looks GREAT on. 

BR: Did you find Bu Ru Guru more helpful than shopping on your own? Why or why not?

JH: I found it much more helpful than shopping on my own! I love the advice and it is nice to brainstorm with someone that is so fashion forward.

BR: What is your favorite part about Bu Ru Guru?

JH: Suggesting items I wouldn't think to pick out on my own.

BR: What is your favorite piece recommended by Bu Ru Guru from your first session?

JH: The olive green shirt and the Yummie Tummie leggings.

BR: Would you recommend using Bu Ru Guru to a friend? 

JH: Absolutely!

This isn't just a special case. In fact, Bu Ru Guru is a free service to all Shop Bu Ru customers that can be used day or night. Every time you chat with Bu Ru Guru, you'll speak with a former stylist and current online boutique owner who is also a new mother and understands your needs. Still wondering who it is? It's our very own Shop Bu Ru Co-Founder, Morgan Hutchinson. With such great pieces and the assurance that you'll feel great in your new clothes, what are you waiting for? Call Bu Ru Guru for chic advice that fits your style and your needs.


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