Even if Valentine's Day doesn't mean quite what it used to...


AKA dinner out, seated at the coziest table at the most coveted restaurant in town—gorging yourself on an overpriced, chef's tasting menu complete with wine pairings and a decadent dessert followed by a gift exchange—desirably in an infamous red leather box piped in gold...


You still deserve to feel special—you still owe it to yourself to take a little more time to gussy yourself up in honor of this day of love. I'm planning to go a little crazy this year, myself. Even if I showered on the 13th...I am going to do it again on the 14th!  Indulgent, I know.


But, seriously, Valentine's Day is not all about your little one's custom VDAY box (I mean a Ziploc bag will do the exact same thing as that insane unicorn contraption that the "Pinterest Mom" shoved in our faces last year, am I right?) Valentine's is actually a day that you should take for yourself and your true love. It's totally okay to pamper yourself and your relationship!  Sans guilt.


The best part about our Valentine's Day Collection (other than the fact that it's 30% OFF when you find one of the hidden HEARTS) is that the looks can be styled for a variety of occasions. So if you are heading straight from volunteering at your little one's school party to carpool to date night, then all you'll need to do is swap out your gold sneakers with gold heels and your diaper bag with a pretty clutch. Easy peasy.





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