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What's in Ellen's Diaper Bag?

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Image courtesy of Ellen Carpenter.

Ever wondered what’s in someone else’s diaper bag? We have. Ellen Carpenter, a mother and editor of an online culture magazine for Aritizia, has kindly put her contents up for showcase on Unbuttoned. Check out her essentials below. 

1. Baby Sling: Pushing a stroller around New York City can be ridiculously stressful, so I almost always wear my son. This Maya ring sling is practical (just stuff it in your bag when you're at the playground) and versatile (wear him on your left side, your right side, your back). Plus, I think it's kind of chic! 

2. Extra Outfit: I always pack a change of clothes, just in case. (I've been burned before!) 

3. Shoes: Calder is just starting to walk, but he prefers to go shoeless. I like to keep a pair in my bag just in case we go someplace where he wants to toddle about.

4. Sunscreen: I hope he never gets a tan. I want him to have that beautiful, milky white complexion forever. So I tote around this small bottle of BabyGanics SPF 50 for reapplications at the park.

5. Diaper Ointment: I used to hate that menthol-like smell of Burt's Bees products, but now I weirdly love it! Definitely a must in my bag.

6. Toys: Calder doesn't really play with toys yet… mostly he just chews on them. This car is especially delicious. And this maraca really gets him dancing.

7. Bib: Whether for drool or an impromptu early-bird dinner, it's a good idea to have a bib with you. My friend brought this one back from Japan—so kawaii. Love.

8. Book: Fun to look at, even more fun to chew on. And the Good Dog Carl books are some of my faves.

9. Snack: These Baby Mum Mum rice crisps are like crack for Calder. Always a good idea to have a snack in your bag.

10. Trash Bags: It's just not nice to throw a dirty diaper into someone's trash. You gotta bag that thing up to keep the smells at bay. Added bonus: The duck dispenser from Munchkin serves as a distraction during the dreaded diaper-change time. 

11. Sippy Cup: Breast is best, but babies need water too! I like this leak-proof cup from OXO. Definitely a must.


Written by Morgan Hutchinson and Ellen Carpenter


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