There was a time in my life when I loved baking in the sun. I opted for oils over sunscreens. I even "primed" my skin with a base from the tanning bed. (Ew!) The thought of it makes my skin crawl—my pasty, white by choice skin. If only I could go back and have a chat with my younger self.  Oh the things I would tell her...

NUMBER 1: Tanning Beds are the Devil

Get a clue 16-year old self! Get out of that coffin like, glowing box. It's drying up your skin like a prune and causing irreparable, cancer causing damage!

Be a leader, not a sheep!


NUMBER 2: Burnt is NOT Better

You are a sophomore now. So happy you are having fun. It's pretty clear a healthy diet is not top priority for you right now—and well, that's okay. It's college. But don't kid yourself, too tan "pudge" is not any better looking than your natural white "pudge". Our liver is taking one for the team right now—so let's save the skin! Wear sunscreen!

NUMBER 3: It's Cool to be Covered

Oh hi there 26-year old self. Enjoying your time in Thailand visiting the Passport Panties factory? I'm thrilled to see you are starting to make a tiny effort in your skin care. That 15 SPF in your bag is a nice start, but let's work towards the 50 SPFs that I listed above. Just a tip though—sunscreen needs to be reapplied consistently. If you think that might slip your mind after a couple poolside cocktails, then I want to share a future swim trend with you—rashguards and surf suits are going to be huge! And even more fun news, your future husband is going to think you look super hot in them. Don't be afraid to trade in that string bikini for something with more coverage.  It's cool, I promise.

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Rachel Comey Surf Suit


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