Nicole Gonzalez - NYC mama behind the blog Lillies and Leon is truly a "Jill of all trades".  Her two darling children are the center of her world, so she created a career that allows her to work from home doing the things that she loves.  With a true talent in marketing and social media strategy, Nicole freelances and works with some of the coolest mama run companies out there—Freshly Picked, Kid & Coe, The LB Brand and Babiekins Magazine to name a few! 

Read below as we learn more about this amazing mama and the joy that she brings to so many!

Seeing the world through their eyes. It's pure, innocent, and just so utterly beautiful. They make me a better person. 
I was fortunate enough to have breast-fed Lucas for a full year. At the 12-month mark he weaned himself. He just decided one morning that he had enough and refused to latch. I tried my hardest to continue but he was done. I was totally caught off guard and an emotional mess, but we went with it and he transitioned right into regular milk. I am currently nursing Lillie and we are 3-months strong thus far! It has been an incredible bonding experience, and I expect to continue for as long as she likes (and the girl loves her mama's milk so I'm expecting a long nursing journey ahead of us!). 
Motherhood has changed me in so many ways. It has taught me to be a more gracious, patient, and thankful friend, partner, and woman. 
My style has changed in that I appreciate well made basics so much more. I tend to gravitate towards clothing that will grow with me and are investment pieces as opposed to filling my closet with what is on trend. I love to shop vintage to add a bit of a mix to my every day staples. My mom "uniform" is a great pair of denim jeans and a white or black tee. Throw on an awesome cardigan, blazer, or leather jacket and you are good to go! 

A great, well made coat is essential for any NYC mom. Even with a pair of black leggings you can instantly feel pulled together! Also, knits, knits, knits for the win. 

Fairisle pullover in cream

Cashmere cardigan in avocado pink

Sleeveless denim dress


The total trench 3 way coat

Triad stone wool car coat

Base pant union

Split back button down ice wash grey

Capital kimono cardinal

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I was born and raised in NYC and just can't imagine raising my babies anywhere else. This is home. Our backyard is Central Park which can't get any better and our daily walks are adventures filled with art, culture, and a beautiful sea of people made up of all colors, religions, and style. My children are learning about the world just by stepping outside into our neighborhood and it's a beautiful thing.


My children are my muses. I love capturing their spirit, the messes, the beautiful, picturesque moments when they're snuggled together…all of this is part of their childhood and I want to remember it all. 


We live on the Upper East Side. It's relatively quiet but bursting at the seams with charms and loads to do, especially for families. Some of our favorite spots include:

 la casa azul 

art farm in the city 

museum of natural history


So..Lucas is in pre-k now so the mornings are just for my girls and I. We nurse and stay in bed until about 9 and then we are up for the day. I set a pot of coffee and attempt to answer emails. I set up a blanket on the floor and we play and have tummy time. We nurse a few more times and then I attempt (can you see a trend happening here!) to take a quick shower, get us both dressed, and we are out the door to pick up Lucas, stopping to grab another coffee on the way. After school usually involves a trip to Central Park, play-dates, or crafts at home. We try to make the most of our afternoons and I am always on the look out for fun events happening in the city that we can attend. 7pm daddy is home.  I recently started back up at the gym so I'm usually running out the door to get an hour of me time. Once I am back home it's bath time for the kids and our bedtime routine starts. Once both kids are snoozing my hubby and I will snuggle aka collapse on the couch to talk about our day and watch some tv. Then we do it all again!


I'm still struggling to find the answer to this so if you know any secrets please let me in! In all honesty, I find making time for myself each day, even it's just 20 minutes of alone time, helps me regain balance and patience and allows me to a better mom. 


Motherly: Loving another human with every fiber of your being. Feeling an all-encompassing love that your soul never knew it was even capable of. 


mother: devoted

wife: everlasting

new yorker: die-hard

blogger: evolving

friend: loyal 


cravings: Dunkin Donuts strawberry coolatta

what helped you sleep: lavender spray

baby moon: Dominican Republic

push present wish: engraved rings with my children's initials

children's brands: Minou kids, Sapling child, Petite Soul Shop, June and January, Goat Milk 


I wish I would have known to embrace my youth and not to have always been in a rush for what was next. I'm living the best days of my life right now, in this very moment, and I am always reminding myself to slow down and live in the now.   


"Your life. love it. From the hurt to the wonder. From the bone to the flower. Love it. With everything you've got. It's yours."

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