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Mommy and Me Halloween Costumes

Mommy and Me Halloween Costumes

Though I really do love Pinterest a great deal, I believe (and I think many of you would agree) it raises the bar so high that it is often impossible to reach.  Let's take Halloween as an example.  Am I supposed to put real life (husband, child, work) on the back burn while I whip up a one of a kind, hand crafted costume that she will wear for 30 minutes so that I can "pin" it for personal satisfaction?  I think the answer is yes—but I also think you can be pin-worthy by making smart, less time consuming choices. 
Here we are rounding up a few cute options for a darling mommy & me moment that is sure to get re-pinned over and over.  Added bonus, in addition to the satisfaction of your Halloween success, you will also have a fab BURU outfit to wear all fall!

sany grease costume

pink R sweater

red maxi skirt

little girl pointe leggings

little girl pink jacket

red and white pom poms





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