We are just two sleeps away from the BURU x VAL holiday launch, and we can hardly wait!

While we wait for Saturday morning to arrive, we thought it might be fun to get to know the lady of the hour a bit better.  Join us for 5 minutes with the ever stylish Val Dittner!

**Please note more details about the launch at the very end of the interview!

Give us the skinny…
Where did you grow up?  Where are you now? How did you get there? 
VAL: I grew up in Oklahoma City. I now live in Houston, Texas, with my husband and two baby girls. Right after I got married, my husbands company moved us to Houston, and it was supposed to be for just 6 months. 14 years later, Houston has been so incredible to us, and now feels like home. We love it here! Big city hustle & bustle, and wonderful people. 
            Mom Life… 
            How many kiddos? Girls/Boys? Ages?  
VAL:  I have two girls, Beatrice & Margot. Bea is about to turn 5, and Margot will be 3 in January. When Bea (short for Beatrice pronounced like bee), was about 1.5 we discussed trying for baby number two after Bea turned 3. The next weekend we found out Margot was on the way. Two in diapers was a lot, but they play so well together, and I’m so thankful they are both here & healthy. The timing was perfect! 
          Work Life… 
         What inspired you to become a stylist? How did you make it happen? 
VAL:  When I was in college I started working at a boutique on holidays and school breaks. When women would come in to shop, and ask how they should wear things or how to style items in different ways, I realized that not everyone instinctively knows how to put outfits together. I had always loved fashion, but that experience made me realize that I have a real talent for styling outfits. I’ve been addicted to helping women put outfits together ever since. 
          Deeper Dive… 
          Tell us 3 things we may not know about your career? 
VAL:  1) I worked as a women’s contemporary buyer before starting my website and Instagram account. 
2) My favorite part of this job is outfit planning for my clients. 
3) I have a passion for fashion history that feeds my obsession with vintage clothing & vintage fabrics. 
Holiday Wishlist… 
Please share a few BURU items that you would love to find under the tree this year. How would you style them the #valway? 
VAL: 1) The gold, reversible collar from our holiday collab is the best gift! Instant GLAM, and one size fits all. It’s especially great because it can go with simple things like a crew neck sweater, or be piled on a printed BURU set. 
2) I have such a crush on the Teagan skirt in the purple brocade. Such a fantastic gift, because it’s so over-the-top festive. I would style this with a tweed jacket thrown over my shoulders and a killer statement earring. 
3) The pink and white tweed jacket from our holiday collab is such a classic. A gift that will be loved for years to come! I would truly style this with everything from denim to a ball gown. 
             Round Robin… 
Favorite Holiday Song:  Cool Yule by Louis Armstrong 
What are you asking Santa for: A cozy & restful holiday with our family. 
Favorite Holiday Tradition: My husband and I love to open a bottle of wine & watch all of the Christmas episodes of The Office back to back to back. 
What are you wearing (or hoping to wear) to holiday parties? My #BURUxVal holiday collection, obvi! 
Favorite Holiday Movie: Oh gosh it’s hard to choose. Toss up between Christmas Vacation & White Christmas. 
Favorite Holiday Meal: Leftovers 


BURU BEAUTIES - please set your alarms for Saturday, November 6th. Valerie's try-on will begin at 8 AM Central Time and ALL styles will go live exclusively on ShopBURU.com at 9 AM Central Time. 

Please note that this is new for us as we want to allow you time to peacefully watch all the try-ons to find your perfect size and style(s) without feeling pressure of items selling out.