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Q&A With Caroline Tell, Fashion & Lifestyle Writer

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Caroline Tell, a freelance fashion and lifestyle writer and editorial consultant in the luxury space, is the essence of a #coolmom.  Plugged into the NYC scene, her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Style.com, Conde Nast Traveler, Departures, and more.  Caroline lives in the Gramercy Park neighborhood of New York with her husband Evan and her two-year-old son Leo. 

We caught up with Caroline to see how motherhood has changed her life, her career, and most importantly (of course) her #momstyle!

What I love most about being a mom is the idea of love is now so much bigger than I ever thought it could be. Our home just bursts with it now. That, and I get to spend my days with a curious, joyful, loving and hilarious little boy.


Motherhood has made me less selfish. It has made me more patient. It has made me more empathetic to other people and their pain or struggles.


I breastfed exclusively for six months, and then twice a day up until 10 months. For those six months, I wore the same black Gap Body bra with no underwire so I could whip my boob out anywhere and lots of button down shirts. I was a top-down nurser, not bottom-up. I also wore this matronly nightgown from Lord &Taylor every day of my maternity leave! Again, it had little buttons going down the front that made boob retrieval quite easy.



I am definitely more pared down and minimal. I don’t have time to get all gussied up everyday and add stacks of accessories. If I’m home, Leo is hanging all over me, so getting dressed has become a five minute thing. In the fall, black jeans, flat boots and a fisherman’s sweater or a button-down silk shirt and blazer. In the spring and summer, I’m a little more Bohemian, either in a loose sundress, caftan or a romper. I’d say my #momstyle is classic with a hint of the unexpected. There needs to be a little flave.


The highs are that I can create my own schedule and be totally flexible. So whether it’s a doctor’s appointment or a kid’s Valentine’s Day party, or even a last minute trip I can usually make it and be fully present. I also love days when I can just be a mom. I appreciate that I can decide which role I’m going to play on a given day.


The lows are that I can create my own schedule and be totally flexible. So it’s a double-edged sword. Sometimes not having a boss or a set-in-stone work schedule can be overwhelming. It takes a certain kind of discipline to buckle down and do the work. I’ve honed that skill over the last few years, but I constantly feel like I could be doing more or using my time better.


I ‘d like to think technology has contributed to the idea that we don’t need to be in the physical workspace in order to be “at work.” If that means more mothers can work from home, or set odd hours that align with motherhood duties, then why not? It’s all about the work. I hope more companies are recognizing that, though we still have a long way to go. I also think the rise in entrepreneurship as a result of the digital space (and a tough job market) is giving more women the opportunity to create their vision of the kind of balance they want to have.



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