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Q&A with Latham Thomas of Mama Glow

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Latham Thomas, founder of Mama Glow, is a maternity lifestyle expert.  With degrees from Columbia University and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she is transforming the maternal wellness movement through yoga, nutritional and birth coaching services.  Named one of the "Top 100 Women to Watch in Wellness", Latham is a highly sought after nutrition and lifestyle expert who has appeared on The Dr. Oz show, Inside Edition, and CBS News.

Her credentials span far beyond the short list above, but it is her energy, internal beauty, and zest for life that immediately draw you to her.  She even got me to give up Diet clearly she is NO joke!

Read below as Latham shares a bit of her journey of motherhood and how she came to be the powerhouse mama that she is today.

I love having conversations with my son. I love supporting him in his endeavors as a DJ, check out his website HERE. I just love watching a person that I carried in my womb out here in the world doing his thing!


Motherhood taught me that all things are possible and that the miracle of life is a gift. I seek to help others experience that connection in their pregnancy and birth as well with my work at Mama Glow.


I did breastfeed! For three years, I was feeding on demand. I loved breastfeeding so much. Unfortunately there weren’t a lot of stylish choices when I was pregnant. I am so grateful to sites like yours! Women can really feel like themselves again and wear things that make them feel good. I wore a lot of vests, button down tops and such. I am thankful to my dear friend Zac Posen who gave me a beautiful dress to wear to a premiere when my son was 5 months and I could breastfeed in it!


My style is elegant sassy chic. I always wear a hat- it’s part of my uniform. I love a good pair of heels, I’m very into a slim fit. I love to feel the garment against my skin. My style is about expression. Feeling radiant through my clothes. I dress for the mood I want to embody and on days when I am not feeling 100%, I style my way to a better day. My son is older now but in my nursing days I was wearing flowing tanks, I am always about embodying the tight fit! My son has influenced my style because he is preppy. He shot a Tommy Hilfiger campaign which you will see soon. But we both wear fitted blazers, brooches, and scarves- in his case- ascots.


These pieces work for me because they really highlight my personal style which is fluid. I mix a lot of high and low. I pull pieces that are expensive and pair with pieces from Forever 21 for instance. I really love scarves and hats- I wear a hat nearly every day. It’s part of my uniform. Form fitting and colorful, something that shows my legs. I love the preppy and sexy librarian type look.

Rachel Antonoff Babs Dress

Rachel Comey Solin Ivory Dress

Rachel Comey Clovis Dress

Milly Cap Sleeve Top

Lucy Paris White Organza Gingham Circle Skirt

Hutch Perfect Pop-Over Shirt

Julie Brown Navy Trench Coat

Rachel Pally Russo Tropical Jumpsuit

Kestrel Pineapple Clutch

Lemlem Asmash Split Scarf Gold Pink Coral Red Stripe

By Malene Birger Miljas Hat-Green/Grey

 Yosi Samra Leather Perforated Slip Ons

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When I was pregnant with my son, I was looking for resources and realized they didn’t exist. The entrepreneurial spirit within me led me to found the company Mama Glow. I realized when I started getting cold calls from celebrities and when Vogue magazine asked me to partner on an event early on…that this birth business I was cultivating could be a big deal. I still consider birth topics as something that’s growing on people. We are here to transform the way women perceive their bodies and experience the birth process.


No day for me is typical, but I would say I have a lot of fun.  


I think its important to keep in mind that it’s a juggle.  It’s not about balance, but about dynamic equilibrium keeping the balls in the air and catching them when they come down.  I believe in a strong self care and self reflective practice - whether that’s meditation, yoga, or dance.  Glow time is my self care movement, and it’s all about relaxation whether you have 2 minutes or 2 hours.  Indulge so that you honor yourself.  You’ll be a better mother and better business woman for it. 


            mother: nurturing

            doula: patient

            writer: inspired

            business owner: focused

            friend: loyal


Bedtime Story: The Earth Is Good, this was my son’s favorite book as a little guy!

Lullaby: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star- this was the first song that my son ever learned and he loved singing it. I have a recording of him singing it at a year old.

Vacation Spot: Although it’s not my favorite place to go- The Atlantis in the Bahamas because Fulano deejayed for thousands of people when he was contracted for Cartoon Network when he was 9 years old.

Restaurant: My son loves Bar Pitti and Da Silvano- two Italian hot spots in NYC. I would go to Bar Pitti when I was pregnant and being part Sicilian, Fulano loves pasta. When he was 2 years old we sat next to Beyoncé and Jay-Z and he flirted with Queen Bey the whole time. Jay said “don’t think you can come over here with your curly hair and flirt with my girl” and everyone laughed.

Kids’s Brand: We love Lacoste, Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren, JCrew and Zara- we mix and match them. My son is all about preppy chic.


I wish someone would have told me how much fun it would be. Your life is transformed and you have this amazing new best friend and it’s awesome! But on the flip side, no one tells you that you will loose friends, the people you expected to come through for you, do not so it’s a great time to start a sister circle and connect with women.


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