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Avoid The Dry Cleaner

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I am not a big fan of dry cleaning.  Even when you take the harsh chemicals out of the equation, it's the remembering to "take it"  and "pick it up" that gets me every time.  Not to mention, it is a very frustrating mom errand.  Much more manageable with a drive thru, but without one, it's like hauling a 33 pound sack of potatoes (aka Olive) while balancing a pile of the slipperiest packages known to man.  Then, you have to get it in the car...without wrinkling them and without letting your child wander off in the parking lot!  And why, may I ask, do they make those little hooks (that I assume are meant for dry cleaning) SO small.  I mean who only takes 2 pieces to the cleaners at a time? 

This is just one of the reasons that I try to wear as much washable apparel as possible.  Another top reason being that toddlers, while super wonderful, are also super messy.  More durable fabrics just make #momstyle that much easier.  I thought I would share a few tips on "How to Avoid the Dry Cleaner".

 I suppose the easiest way to kick off your wash and wear style (excuse the self promotion) is to shop the BURU Washable Collection HERE.  In all seriousness, looking at care labels does make life easier.  We make life easier by reading them for you and noting care instructions on all products pages.  Brands like Ace & Jig, Bella Dahl, By Malene Birger, and Lemlem are almost exclusively washable.

A few of my favorite head-to-toe washable looks for summer are:

If you just can't help yourself and need a little silk in your life, then your best option, as a mama, might be in the form of solids (colors that is).  Not to say that you shouldn't treat yourself to printed silk, I am merely speaking in terms of washability, and solid silks are easier to launder than bold prints which could possibly bleed.  With a solid, you can easily hand wash in your bathroom sink or use the hand wash cycle on a front loader (or non-agitator machine), lay flat to dry and steam out wrinkles. 

A few easy pieces that come to mind:


 If you cant' keep away from bold prints, then perhaps polys are a better fit for you.  We find that most of these read "Dry Clean Only" on the tag, but at the end of the day...it's polyester!  So long as you wash on a cold, delicate cycle (best bet is always the hand wash option) and lay flat to dry you should be fine.  I have personally washed every piece of Mara Hoffman that I own and they look great! 

Additionally, it's important to remember that what you use to clean your clothes counts.  The Laundress makes so many great products for garment care.  I can't imagine washing my delicates without their detergents.



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