We certainly  LOVE to celebrate mamas here at Shop BURU, but let's not forget that it takes 2 to Tango (aka make a human).  With so many amazing #BURUmamas, it's no surprise that we have quite the list of dedicated daddies who make life better, more fun, and more full of love! 

Today we are celebrating Jason Odell - the daddy half to designer, Laura Odell of The Odells + Porrigde Clothing Lines.

Brett and I had the great pleasure of meeting Laura and Jason when we picked up The Odells Collection for BURU.  In this industry, you don't see many couples working together (although we do tend to gravitate to them...Sachin + Babi, Sam & Lavi....).  The two of them exude love, respect, and massive amounts of creative talents.  They make you feel good to be around, and they remind me of how lucky I am to have a partner in this world. 

Jason Odell, Age 35
We met 14 years ago at the Kibitz room on Fairfax Los Angeles. He was home a few days early from a skateboard tour and went to watch his friends girlfriend's band play. I was there because my roommate at the time was friends with the girl in the band and wanted me to see them play. The rest is history. We started dating and never broke up. We got married July 2006.

He's so hands-on and silly with the kids. I never have to worry about the kids when I go out of town because he does an excellent job of taking care of them when I'm away which I think is rare with a lot of dads.  He loves them so much and prioritizes our family and family time above anything else.  


We don't have any traditions per-se, however this year I'd love to spend the day as a family either camping, hiking or going to the beach.  We love doing out door activities so I'm hoping to do something that brings us out in nature.


Check out The Odells collection which features contemporary bohemian pieces. The Odells is perfect for a mom who wants to be comfortable running errands while turning heads.


You can shop The Odells at BURU HERE


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