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Countdown to Mother's Day with Dress Your Guests

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On the 3rd day of our Countdown to Mother's Day, we are celebrating #BURUmama Kate Brennan of Dress Your Guests.  Not sure what to wear to your 3rd cousin's outdoor wedding?  Is it unclear what the attire is for your best-friend's birthday party?  Well then, DYG is the answer.  Kate's vision for all women (busy mothers included) is to take the guessing out of dressing.  Dress Your Guests allows you to register your party, share invitations with your friends, and share ideas about what you plan to wear.  Ultimately, it allows us to "virtually" get ready together...just like we did in college, before we turned 30 and became the grown-up mommies that we are today! 
Additionally, Kate shares a daily does of #momstyle with us on the DYG blog.  Be sure to follow along!
BR: Please share your children's names and ages?
Kate: Isabella Marie - 18 months
BR: What are your favorite Mother's Day traditions?
Kate: We haven't started one yet but this would definitely be something I would
like to introduce into the family!
BR: Best Mother's Day gift you have ever received?
Kate: My husband was very against the push present idea so he waited until
mother's day to get me a gift.  Its a dainty pink diamond necklace that I
wear almost everyday.
BR: Worst gift you ever gave your own Mother?
Kate: I was lucky enough to grow up with one of those moms who if you presented
her with a dead flower that you picked from her own garden she would make
you feel as if it was the most special gift in the whole entire world.  So
I can't remember a moment out of all of these gift giving years where she
didn't love (or pretended not to love) everything I ever gave her.  Lucky
BR: If you could travel anywhere this mother's day where would you go?
Kate: Back to NY.  I'm very lucky that my mother and mother-in-law are friends
and I would love to spend this day with both of them and Isabella.  They
are two incredibly strong women who have a great outlook on life so I would
choose to spend it with them and soak up all of their positive energy and
happiness.  I hope that Isabella will one day say the same thing about me.

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Don't forget to follow along everyday as we Countdown to Mother's Day with some of our favorite BURU Mamas!

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