Resolution.  The word just sounds sad.  For 2015, I am replacing it with dreams.  Much more optimistic and promising...don't you think?  Also, it sort of filters out the common resolutions that are most often abandoned by January 7th.  While I might resolve to lose 5 pounds - I certainly would not call weight loss one of my life's "dreams".  And, I would rather focus on the dreams.  The inspiration that will stick with me throughout the entire year.  The excitement of possibility that will keep me working hard with my eyes on the prize. 

My greatest prize is my family so my dreams center around them.  Meeting Brett and having our little Olive Bee was a dream come true.  But, like every good thing, it takes a bit of work to keep our life together in a dreamy state.  The every day hustle and bustle has a way of turning a perfectly good "dream" into a nightmare (i.e. lover's quarrels over the DUMBEST things, toddler tantrums over the DUMBEST things...).  To keep the dream alive, I am promising myself and my family that I will:

1.  Sing.

I think there is great truth in the power of positive thinking.  The odds of having a good day when you wake up with a frustrated frown on your face is unlikely.  I plan to fight my rut of waking up overwhelmed by the thought of the day's to-do list with a smile and a song.  That's right (get ready Brett) - I am going to arise in song like a freaking Disney character.  And, it's going to be awesome.  See how my positive thinking is already working...

2.  Laugh. 

It's sounds simple, but laughing solves a myriad of problems for me.  When Olive throws a massive fit and refuses to wear shoes (or clothes all together)...I will laugh.  Then most likely, she will laugh.  And while she is laughing, I will trick her into putting on her clothes!  When work sucks (because even your dream job is still work)...I will laugh.  The laugh will relax me and bring perspective.  The laugh will remind me that tomorrow is another day, and that I can kick tomorrow's a** even if today is kicking mine.  When Brett and I get out of sync and snap at each other about who forgot to buy toothpaste (or toilet paper more importantly)...I will laugh.  Then, he will laugh, we will kiss, and he will go to Walgreens.  My true meds can only do so much.  Laughing is my filler antidepressant, and it's more important in my life than any chemical drug will ever be.

3.  Pray.

I don't think this one needs much explaining.  I want to live 2015 in constant conversation with God.  I want Him to be part of every decision, every word, every thought, every action, EVERYTHING! 

4.  Stretch.

I don't mean this one literally really.  Although I am sure that my body would also appreciate some lengthening exercises.  I mean that I want to stretch my brain and my heart.  I want my family to stretch with me through new places, new foods, new cultures, and new people.  I want us to stretch our hearts to love more, to give more, and to put others first.

Many people think that a resolution should be more specific.  Something like...I want to run the NYC marathon in 4 hours.  For those reading this who know me personally, you know how ridiculous this example is.  Running a marathon is the last thing I want to do (and I could never run one in 4 hours without busting a lung). To these people, I say, "Stop coloring inside the lines!  Think bigger.  Give yourself the chance to find happiness and success in your "dreams" for the new year...rather than resolving to "fix" the little things that you think are wrong in your life.

In 2015, I am dreaming of contentment.  When it starts to slip through my fingers - I will SING, I will LAUGH it off, I will PRAY, and I will STRETCH my heart and mind to rework the picture in my head of what "should be" to be "what is".

Happy New Year Mamas!  I hope 2015 is your best year yet!

Much Love,



  • Anna Stokes Sullins

    What a great post, Morgan! Happy New Year, and may all your DREAMS come true!

    Anna Stokes Sullins on

  • jackie

    this is amazing, beautiful and inspiring!! Love every word.

    jackie on

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