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Q&A with Beth Chappo of Seersucker & Saddles

Q&A with Beth Chappo of Seersucker & Saddles



Beth Parker, the stylish mama behind Seersucker + Saddles, where the south and style collide, fills a niche in the blogger world that is seriously underserved.  Her voice is one of a fashionable, single mother (in her 30's) who shows us how to look good while juggling.  (Of course she is not a circus juggler.  We are talking about mom life juggling).  If you are not already following her blog or Instagram account - you should.  She offers a daily dose of wearable style and aspirational tomboy chic!



What do you love most about being a mom?

When their heads hit the pillow.  Kidding.  In all seriousness, that purest, deepest love and bond I've ever known.  That they've given me purpose and meaning.  The silliness, the free-spirited-ness, and looking at life so simply through their innocent eyes.  I love that we're a team...it's us three.  Just us three....and that is oh so fulfilling.

What is the number one way in which motherhood has changed you?

Nothing like a little one to put your priorities in check.  No longer is it about me and my immediate needs--I now have to think about what is best for them.

Did you breastfeed?  How did it affect your wardrobe?

I did breastfeed both of my gals and even though my chest now looks like it's been steam rolled, I'd do it over and over again in a skinny minute.  What wardrobe?  Did I even own a cool wardrobe while breastfeeding?  It was all comfy tees and button downs---generic and basic at best.  Where were you BURU when I needed you?

We LOVE Seersucker + Saddles – you’re #momstyle is so much fun. Can you tell us a little bit about how your personal style came about?  

I've always considered my style feminine with a bit of quirk but not overtly sexy (especially now that I'm a mom - that just doesn't work for me).  Interestingly enough, when I dress tomboyish I feel most in my skin.  I think it's because I'm not trying too hard and it's ridiculously comfy and 'me.'  And feeling in your skin and your best you is incredibly sexy in my opinion.

What inspired you to create Seersucker + Saddles?

I felt creatively stifled.  I'm in the medical field and while it is challenging, it doesn't satisfy a creative need I've had ever since I was little.  I've long loved following blogs and putting together looks is my art form.  It seemed like an easy, natural progression for me to create this forum to dump all of my creative thoughts onto a computer screen.   

Is there one fashion item, no matter how impractical to wear as a mom, that you’ll never give up wearing?

A bikini.  Being a native Floridian and growing up on the beach, i just don't foresee myself ever going for the one piece.   

What are your must-haves from BURU and why do they work in your mommy lifestyle? 

Here is a list of my TOP BURU picks...with a special highlight on the Hunter Bell Jumpsuit and the Tess Blouse.  I'm obsessed!



How do you balance your time between your family and your business?

It's a constant balancing act that I'm not quite sure I've perfected (or if I ever will)--the key for me is WRITING EVERYTHING DOWN...ON PAPER (not just in my cell).  That way I know I have everything on a "to do" list and I can literally shut off when my gals are home from school---physically, but more importantly, mentally shut off and be present with them! 

Your girls are adorable! If you wouldn’t mind sharing, please tell us a few of your favorite mommy moments.  Tell us your favorite...

Bedtime Story:  We LOVE Splat the Cat books---the most precious illustrations & messages
Lullaby:  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Vacation Spot:  Has to be Jupiter, Florida where I grew up and my family still resides.  It is so very important to me that they experience my childhood.  The beaches, boating, heat, playing outside barefoot--it's childhood perfection.
Restaurant:  Guanabanas in Jupiter, Florida--picture tropical rainforest meets beach.  all outside on the water--and they have Wiki sticks--kids were sold from the start!
Children's Brand:  So we are at the phase now where the kiddies have opinions about their clothing and we have to come to an agreement with their tastes and mine---Crewcuts everytime, we always agree.  And the quality is great giving my gals are little tomboys.

What's the one thing you wish you would have know before becoming a mother?

That from the moment those precious babes enter the world...you will NEVER stop WORRYING!!!!!  But my mom has helped teach me to let go, know I'm doing my absolute best--and that is enough.   The worry will never go away so enjoy the moments---because they do indeed fly by.  

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