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Q & A with Nicole Feliciano

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Nicole Feliciano, founder of Mom Trends the boutique media brand for moms and stylish ladies alike, lives full life with her hubby and two girls in New York.  After seven years of helping moms find a voice, a life vision, and a style of their own, Nicole is an inspiration of finding the work/life balance.  Find out Nicole's mommy fashion musts and more in her exclusive Q&A below!

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BR:  What do you love most about being a mom?

NF:  Every time my girls reach to hold my hand I melt a little, that feeling of pure love never gets old.


BR:  What is the number one way in which motherhood has changed you?

NF:  I’m a lot more patient and I laugh much more frequently. YAY! On the downside, I get a lot less sleep


BR:  Did you breastfeed?  If so, how did it affect your wardrobe choices?

NF:  Yes, fortunately I was working from home so I could dress casually, the cutest tops that worked for breastfeeding all seemed to be very casual.


BR:  As the founder of, you have helped pave the way for so many mothers to share their stories, their fashion, and their mom dreams – how does it make you feel to know that you helped create a new form of “mom media”?

NF:  I love it! I hope there’s always room for new voices on the scene. When I popped online in 2007 it was a brave new world. I made some amazing friends along the way and am so thrilled that more and more women can make online media a viable career. When I see my team of editors and sales professionals I burst with pride that I am a part of giving them a career with amazing flexibility. With any luck by the time my girls are ready to start families, there won’t even be a question of IF you can balance work and motherhood.


BR:  How are you balancing life as mother, wife, spokesperson and entrepreneur?  We could use some tips as you make it seem effortless!

NF:  You’ve got to let go of perfection early on. I cut myself slack every day. For example, I don’t bake and I don’t craft. We’ve found a babysitter who loves to do both of these kid-centric activities and I don’t have pangs of guilt that I’m not the one slaving over the glue gun.

I’m also very, very hard to get on the phone. I am intentionally covetous of my one on one time with my family. So I tend to work in manic bursts of productivity from 10-2 during the day and then from 10:30 to 1. And I get into the zone--phone calls are really distracting and time consuming.

I carve out family time no matter what I have going on at work. Right now I only use a sitter for about 12 hours a week. The rest is all me and Mr. Momtrends. Speaking of--it’s essential to keep the romance alive. We have had a weekly date night going since 2008. You must make time for love!

My sincere hope is that no one things I am doing it all. I’m not. I have so much help--an amazing husband, a top-notch team of editors, a great babysitter and kids that pitch in. I expect a lot from myself and from those around me--maybe that’s why I am surrounded by excellence.


BR:  What is your day to day #momstyle?

NF:  Most of the time you’ll find me in trendy denim with awesome shoes--I’m a total shoe fanatic. I pair the denim with anything from a super casual top I might have picked up at Barney’s COOP or a more tailored top and blazer from Cabi. I am very high-maintenance with my hair (I have a standing appointment with my favorite Brooklyn salon) and very low maintenance with my makeup.


BR:  Please share with us a few of your must-have pieces from BURU?


1.  Julie Brown Cora Shirtdress in Black Links Print

2.  LOLO Mini Zip Pouch

3.  White + Warren Fringe Scarf

4.  Julie Brown Embellished Pullover

5.  Corey Tweed Elastic Waist Skirt

6.  Rebecca Minkoff Reversible Shearling and Vegan Leather Coat

7.  Walter Baker Speckled Track Pants

8.  Yosi Samra Black & White Ballet Flats for Little Girls

9.  Rachel Pally Little Girls Pocket Dress


BR:  You started your career at Ralph Lauren, quite a place to form your own sense of style.  Is there one fashion item (as impractical as it might be for a mom) that you will never give up?

NF:  High heels. I can’t give them up. As a concession to all the walking I do, i often wear Tieks flats to get to meetings and then switch into heels. 


BR:  Your girls are darling!  If you wouldn't mind sharing, we would love to hear about some of your favorite mommy moments:


Lullaby:  I am tone def so I am going to pass on this one!

Bedtime story: I still snuggle with the kids for bedtime stories! The girls are 9 and 6 now and of course can both read, but I’m not giving this up any time soon! Right now we’re reading Wind in the Willows.                                                                                                                     

Vacation Spot: Paris (without the kids) Lake Como (with the kids)

Restaurant: Guilty secret--I hate dining out with my kids. We only do it on vacation. We cook fresh prepared meals 5-6 nights a week to avoid the dreaded whining/spilling/complaining that happens. My favorite date night spot is Vinegar Hill House in Brooklyn.

Children’s Brand: Tough to pick just one! Stella McCartney has amazing whimsical, wearable clothes that really hold up. Ralph Lauren makes the best party dresses. And I love Target for all the fashion collaborations that are budget friendly. Check out this new one for the Annie Movie


BR:  What is the one thing you wish you would have known before becoming a mother?

NF: How much fun it was going to be!


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