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BURU Featured on The C Word Blog

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Image courtesy of Christine Fadel, author of The C Word blog.

Christine Fadel, author of the fabulous blog, The C Word, interviewed BURU Co-Founder Morgan Hutchinson after visiting the Goldsign Denim showroom in Manhattan. Read the full interview HERE and a few fun snippets below!

From The C Word:

"what is your favorite/least favorite part about being a mother?

favorite part: seeing the world through her eyes. olive is hilarious and her sweet soul observes things in a way that I never would. she teaches me more everyday that i will never be able to teach her. least favorite part: discipling. completely necessary and not really fun at all.

what advice would you give to new mothers in terms of fashion and feeling good about their postpartum bodies?

first i would say– be patient. it took 9+ months to make the little nugget and your body may need a minute (or two) to get things back in order. then i would say, in the meantime, don't get stuck in a fashion rut of wearing sloppy sweats and ratty t-shirts. it is amazing what a shower and a cute outfit can do to a mama's mojo. yes, there is a new life to love and dote on, but mama still matters. for me personally, the better i feel about myself directly translates into my energy level and the happy vibes i put out there in the world. i know that olive and brett benefit more from 'feel-good morgan' than 'unshowered-day-old-clothes morgan'. i say to all the mamas out there– remember to treat yourself at least once a month– a new top or date night dress– or even a new lip gloss can add a little pep to your step.

what is the best/hardest part about owning your own company/working with your husband?

funny you ask. we literally answer this question every day. best part: we are truly experiencing life together. when something great happens– we are there to celebrate together, on the spot. and when something not great happens– we are there for each other to lift up the other or be lived up. worst part: it is hard to turn off 'work talk' at the end of the day. so often BURU creeps in to date night conversation. that is not always bad... just a challenge we have to work on."

Read the full Q&A HERE.

Shop the white Goldsign boyfriend jean featured in the above picture HERE.


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