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Breast-Feeding Week for all Moms

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My only fear in starting this business (okay, not my only fear... but a very important one) was that in supporting mothers who are breast-feeding, it would seem that I, and BURU for that matter, do not support those mothers who can't or who choose not to nurse. While BURU was created with a mission to help mamas nurse-in-style, the more important BURU mission has been and will always be to support all mothers by helping them look and feel their absolute best.

I believe in breast-feeding. I believe in it for me and thankfully I had the support system along with the milk supply to nurse for 14 months. I would encourage every mother to try it, but committing to breast-feeding is often much easier said than done. It takes a great deal of support to make this commitment. In today's fast-paced, mama-in-the-boardroom world, it's often not practical for a mother to nurse her baby or sneak off to pump every three hours.

I love that we can celebrate National Breast-Feeding Week. I love it for the same reason that I love celebrating National Lipstick Day: It's a moment in time to cherish femininity and womanhood. However, celebrating this beautiful act of motherhood can be very polarizing. For those mothers who have no milk or need medication, who have no support or the baby won't latch, or who just don't want to nurse, I am celebrating you too!

Maybe it should just be called National I Feed My Baby Week and He/She is Thriving Like a Champ! That's the goal, right? To love and care for a child so that he or she can grow up to be a healthy, smart and well-adjusted little human.

At the end of the day, I love a celebration of any kind. I appreciate that this celebration is set aside to honor motherhood. We are all struggling to do our best. We all feel like failures at some point (probably at some point every day), but the good news is that we can all be in this together if we choose to be. 

Let's support each other. Let's love each other. Let's literally say to one another "mama knows best," even if that mama is doing something totally different form you. Let's not judge. Let's be each other's shoulders to cry on. Let's not be jerks on Facebook or Instagram (or any social media for that matter).

Bottom line: Let's celebrate each other!

Cheers to all you wonderful mamas and happy Breast-Feeding Week!


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