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The Dad Behind Proper Hunt

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Photo taken by MISA ME Photography.

Christina Han, the fashionably fun mama who runs the blog Proper Hunt, shared with BURU all the different roles her baby daddy fulfills in her life.

I always knew that Steve was going to be a great dad. I could just tell by the way he interacted with our dog, Emma, and other people's children. It's like he instinctively had the fatherly gene in him. And I was right. The moment Cora (Victoria) was born, there was no denying that he had this immediate bond with her. He was first to stay with her in the NICU (I had an unexpected c-section so she was there for the first few days) and change many of her diapers, feed her and just be with her. I think he had fallen madly in love with her the minute she was born, and who could blame him? I did too.

As a stay-at-home mom, I've had my ups and down with adjusting to this new lifestyle, all the while trying to build my online business and blog. Some days are great, and some days are a little harder than others. But somehow, Steve's never-ending patience and support have helped me beyond words. He knows how important it is for me to be creative, whether it's through my blog or my Etsy shop, and he's willing to help me out in any way he can. Heck, he's my editor for all the content that goes up on the blog and he's my photographer for outfit posts! More than that though, he's the person I go to for a second opinion and to flush out new ideas.

Photo taken by MISA ME Photography.

Besides being a great business partner, he's absolutely magical with Cora. I get so much joy seeing him play or hang out with her. He's definitely the 'fun' parent while I'm more on the disciplinarian side. We joke around to each other saying how amazing and perfect it would be if I could be the breadwinner with my business and Steve could be the stay-at-home dad. If you don't know Steve already, you would know that his favorite hobby is cooking. (Yes, I really lucked out because he's an amazing cook!) And he cleans! Which is why we joke around saying that he'd be great at staying at home with her.

Jokes aside though, without my husband, there is no way I could be a mom and attempt to run my own business. He makes this life amazing and to see him with our daughter really is just the icing on the cake.

Thank yo so much, Christina, for sharing with us! Check out her blog HERE and her Etsy store HERE. Also find out more about Christina and her family HERE.

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Photo taken by MISA ME Photography.


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