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The Dad Behind Shop BURU

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Morgan Hutchinson, co-founder of Shop BURU, shares why her baby daddy is the heart and soul of their family.

To say that I have a supportive husband is quite possibly the understatement of the year. Supportive implies that I am doing the work, the daily duties and that he "helps out" when he can. This is not our truth. Our truth, quite honestly, is that Brett is the heart and soul of our little family of three.

To put it in real terms, he is the stinky diaper guru, the wine and cheese plate maker when there is no time for a proper dinner, the heavy lifter of BURU boxes, the money manager and the man that still pulls me in for a Hollywood style kiss when my hair is dirty and my teeth are in serious need of brushing. He is also the most caring and doting daddy a little girl could have. So obvious in fact, that at only 19-months-old, I know that Olive already understands how special he is.

When Brett left the corporate world he was in need of a big break, a change of pace and scenery. After 14 years in New York followed by four more in Beijing, China, the man needed some time to unwind. He got four weeks. 

I delivered a beautiful baby girl four weeks after we returned from China and completely threw his world upside down and inside out! He handled it like a pro! (Better than I did, to be totally honest.) He was patient, loving and attentive. In my world, he was hands-down Dad of the Year. Hell, he was Dad of the Century.

When Olive turned four weeks old, I boldly (and annoyingly) announced that I was officially over nursing clothes. Blame it on hormones and adapting to my post-baby body, but I pretty much threw a tantrum. Rather than ignoring or idly listening to my hormonal complaints, Brett asked questions about how he could help. Then, he spent two hours with me flipping through racks at Nordstrom (with Olive in the Ergo baby carrier) to help me find easy access tops and dresses so that I could nurse in style without bearing all.

Call me crazy, but I don't know many other men who would do this.

Eight weeks into our co-parenting journey, spending every second of every day together, I proposed a business idea to him. Again, rather than dismiss my exhausted new parent brainchild, he researched. He read. He scoured the web for breast-feeding stats and market place share. He searched and studied every nursing brand he could find, and then, he accepted my proposal and became my business partner.

Call me crazy, but I don't know many other men who would do this.

He tok a giant leap of faith and made a commitment to his crazy, postpartum wife. Sixteen months later, BURU is a real business; we are really doing it! AND, we are doing it together (with Olive in tow as much as she can be). I could not be more thankful for this man and this life.

Brett is not the "support"; he is the partner– in life, in business, and, most importantly, in parenting. He is a family first kind of man. He loves his baby girl with all he has and she loves him right back all the same. And as far as his love for me, well, all I can say is that we should all be so lucky. I literally found a man who always sees my best self, even when I'm at my worst. I don't think it gets more unconditional than that.

Happy Father's day to the most incredible, loving and hard-working daddy! Thank you for making our dreams come true.

We love you too the moon and back,

Morgan & Olive

Thank you so much, Morgan! Learn more about Morgan and Shop BURU HERE


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