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Tip n' Tricks While Grocery Shopping

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When you're a mother, a simple errand or quick trip anywhere can instantly become a challenge. So you need to be fully prepared anytime you leave your house. This means extra diapers with a bottle of milk and pacifier at the ready. 

What do you do when you need to get food for the house but have a crying baby with you? Can you prevent that? How can you make sure your child is happy and comfortable as you shop? Although grocery shopping can potentially be a disastrous situation, we have a few tips that will make the experience more enjoyable for you and your baby!

Shop During Appropriate Hours

When your child first wakes up, typically in the morning, is the best time to go because babies tend to be happy right after they wake up since they're well-rested. Plus, as long as it's not a Saturday, the grocery store isn't crowded! 

Make A List

Nothing like shopping with an infant and you're wandering around the store, deciding what you need. Take the few minutes at home to decide what you need before heading out to the store. This will keep you on track and get you in and out more quickly.

Shopping Cart/Highchair Cover

This is SUCH a great thing to have when grocery shopping with your child. It keeps your little one comfortable and helps you stay organized! Buggy Bagg is my favorite because they come in fun patterns with bottle holders and a zippered pocket for your phone, wallet, pacifiers, etc. Plus, it folds up so nicely! (There is one featured in the above image.)

Bring A Bottle of Milk

There's nothing worse than a baby crying while you are walking around the grocery store trying to find what you need. To avoid walking through the store with a boom box of sorts, give your child a bottle of milk. If he/she is older, give them a alive of cheese from the deli or a sample cup of granola in dried foods. 

Find A Convenient Parking Spot

This may sound like a funny point, or even an obvious one, but when you're shopping with an infant, it's not always best to find the parking spot closest to the door. I've found that the best parking spot is one that is one or two spots away from where to put the used carts. A close, convenient parking spot ensures that you won't have to carry the heavy infant seat too far. 






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