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Get Styled by Shalice Noel!

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City mother of four, Shalice Noel is a thrift-shopping addict with a passion for fashion! We love her personal style so much that we asked her to put together a BURU outfit. The challenge? She could only use sale pieces. See her look and find out more about her below!

Featured Look:

  1. CrOp by David Peck Ruffled Sleeveless Button-Up Blouse.
  2. Walter Baker Red Trouser Pant.
  3. Coatology Packable Down Jacket with Zip Off Sleeves.
  4. Monika Chiang Leather Riding Boots.
  5. LOLO Medium Zip VInyl Pouch.

BR: In a nutshell, what is your mommy lifestyle?

SN: Eat breakfast (boiled eggs, leftover oatmeal, carrot juice) and commute to kindergarten, which is harder than it sounds in the wintertime. Then play Legos, do to preschool with my 4-year-old, make Annie's Mac & Cheese and put outfits together during nap time. (I try and do a lot during nap time!) When they get up, I try to start dinner, usually soup and bread since it's been so cold. After, I get the kids ready for bed, and a couple times a week, I sell on my IG shop @herchicboutique. 

BR: What inspired you to become a fashion Instagramer? 

SN: I always loved putting outfits together and friends would ask me to help them pull together looks for special events and such. One day, my friend Karla Reed told me to Instagram what I'm wearing, so I did! It's really an artistic outlet that helps me channelGreat Bag: It's an investment piece every woman must have. what's going on in my head amidst the diapers and tantrums, and to not lose myself. I love putting together looks– It really energizes me. Honestly, sometimes it doesn't make sense practically with what's going on around me, but if I'm able to put a couple looks together and I get it just right… everyone's happier!

BR: What are the essential investment pieces every mom needs in her closet?


  1. Blazer: Every woman's closet needs structure and it's flattering. 
  2. Great Shoes: I prefer red flats. 
  3. Great Bag: It's an investment piece every woman should have.

BR: Why did you choose the BURU pieces you did? How would they work in your own mommy lifestyle?

SN: Comfort, color and style are the main reasons I picked them! Between the packable down jacket and red trousers, both make you look more put together than you may feel. Plus, it's edginess allows you to stand out of the crowd whether it's kindergarten drop-off or a preschool open house.

BR: During and after each of your pregnancies, what was your day-to-day style? Did you ever wear maternity clothes during or after any of your pregnancies?

SN: Boyfriend jeans, belly band, tee and a blazer– can't go wrong with a blazer. I did wear maternity during my third pregnancy but not the others. I found that if I just went up a size, it usually worked before and after each pregnancy. 

BR: What BURU accessory is an absolute mom must-have?

SN: The Monika Chiang riding boot (shown below). You could style it a gazillion ways and would get so much wear out of them!

BR: What are you most excited to wear for Spring 2014?

SN: Dresses and sandals– I'm so over sorels! 

BR: What do you love most about being a mom?

SN: I love the little conversations we have, like when my oldest asked me, "Are fish grown ups?", and other life questions. I guess I can thank them for the transformation in myself, too. I surprised myself with how much love I have for them in different ways. All four, and SO different! It's a blast watching them express their God-given talents and personalities. I've changed because I can handle more. Although each day, I'm learning to rely on the Lord. And still learning not to sweat the small stuff. #stilllearning 

Thanks so much, Shalice! 

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